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Uneven Biceps


I tried searching for an answer and couldn't find one so hopefully some people can offer some advice.

I recently started lifting and now notice that my right bicep is shorter than my left. It is the difference of about 1 finger. Its fairly noticeable now that I look for it. is this normal from prior use or is my lifting increasing the difference. what should i do to correct this?

thanks for any help you can provide


How old are you, I assume you are still growing. Don't worry about it.


Everyone has a difference between their 2 biceps.

As most likely everyone has a gap between their biceps and the beginning of the joint.

It's not that much of a deal, just try to pull as much weight from each arms. Just ask somoene near you to tell you if there is REALLY a big difference because most of the time it's just US over reacting a minor difference (thats what happen when you keep looking at yourself).

Keep lifting


I would just worry about overall size (measure the circumfrence) and strength. There is nothing you can do to change the length of a muscle.

Also as far as muscles go I think biceps/triceps are the most difficult for people to have perfectly symetrical, well unless you use your right and left hand equally in every thing you do every day. For example I'm right handed, and guess what my right arm is slightly bigger then my left


Having differences side to side is normal. In time, the gap will close and things will become more even. It's just how it happens and no, it's not from lifting, that's your genetics, although through lifting as they get bigger, the difference will become less and less noticeable.