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Uneven bicep incertions

When I flex my biceps I can see that the insertion on the inner side is much more prominent than the outer one. Is this due to genetics?, or is it possible to improve this by doing some hammer curls on a precher bench?.

Insertion??? How can you see that. Dont you mean muscle belly, or inner & outer head? The biceps can rotate and flex the forearm and extend the shoulder. Hammer curls might be the go. “The outer head has an insertion point The long head originates from the supraglenoid tuberosity of the scapula (shoulder blade) and the short head originates from the coracoid process. The muscle extends from the shoulder to the elbow where the biceps tapers into a flat, strong tendon that inserts in the bulge (tuberosity) on the upper end of the radius.” Extracted from http://www.mythos.com/ webmd/Content.aspx?P=MUSCB1&E=3 from Google search “Biceps Brachii origin and Insertion points”

Its perfectly normal…the inner head should insert lower down and no…no amount of bicep exercise will change your insertion points.

I meant the inner & outer heads, I do close grip EZ curls in my bi’s routine but have not seen any improvement. I guess there is no harm in trying hammer curls for a while, thansk for the help.