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Uneven Bench Press

Hi. I was benching today when my friend pointed out that my elbows were not tucked symmetrically. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. Any help or advice will be appreciated.

As you can see from pic 1 to pic 2 the bar turns clock wise as I lower it to my chest

A video would do wonders, but it could be anything, arm length, shoulder alignment, muscle impingement, hip alignment, leg drive, etc.

Take a photo from the front and back standing up tall. Are your shoulders even?
Arms out straight towards wall, does one touch before the other? Now repeat with shoulders pulled back like during the bench setup.

Edit: I’ll also add that if it’s not hindering your bench and there’s no pain there might not be any need to “Fix” anything.

I’ve delt with this problem. For me it was all in the shoulder. I wasn’t “packing” or “centrating” my shoulder joint properly.

This video is about a drill to make your shoulder tight and solid. The move is super easy and effective. I know you said you don’t have any pain, and this video says it’s for elbow pain, but this move is Really for your shoulder.

How are your other lifts? Are your overhead presses and chins symmetrical, or do you pull to 1 side too?

Unfortunately I can’t upload the video from my phone. I was told the bar moves evenly with both arms, the only difference was the angle of the tuck.

Thanks for your reply.

I tested my overhead afterwards and the same thing happens. My chins are pretty symmetrical.

Thanks for your reply.

Here’s a video about benching. One simple but important thing Wenning mentions is bending at the elbow, not moving at the shoulder to lower the bar. My “more tucked” arm was definitely dropping at the shoulder instead of bending at the elbow.

Here’s a long discussion about shoulders and upper back mobility/stability.


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Excellent. Thank you for you time and help.

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Sure man, anytime.

He’s also not centered on the bench, this could allow 1 shoulder to be retracted differently from the other.

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Totally agree about shoulders not being retracted the same. That athlean X move is all about retracting the shoulder. And that other thread is about everything that could restrict retraction.

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Don’t worry your bench probably isn’t as uneven as Andrew Hause’s