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Uneven Barbell Loading and Hernias?


I was performing barbell back squats with 175(I know light) on a light day( on starting strength but with heavy light heavy scheme), my idiot of a friend I was teaching to lift, he loaded the side of the barbell he was on lighter then the one I loaded, so the bar was actually only loaded with 165 but with 65 pounds on one side, and 55 on one side, mid set my back cracked and began to feel funny, I finished set, racked it, noticed the difference.

I did my actual set with the correct weight and finished my workout(bench press and then lots of chins figured dead lifts were not a good idea) Has anyone ever heard of unevenly loaded bars during squats causing hernias or some other back issues/injuries? I came to T nation for the expertise, I understand nobody can really diagnose me via the internet just wondering if anybody has some experience that could shed light on the situation


Btw if it helps 150 pound male, 19


Happened to me once. When I unracked the bar I immediately knew one side was heavier than the other.