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Uneven Abs


well i've been working on my abs for about 6 months now and the definition is really starting show... but theres only one problem i've noticed some uneveness on my abs, one side is a bit bigger and more defined than the other. I think it came from possibly doin the exercises wrong. Can anyone give me some advice about how to become even all over.


Let me guess - and if I'm wrong I apologize now.

You are about 15-18 years old and you weigh about 140-160 pounds.

Am I close?

Seriouly, how much do you weigh?


I just read your profile.

Dude you are 5'10" and 148lbs.!!!!

The reason your abs are "uneven" is because there is not enough muscle on your skinny assed frame. You are exposing bones. Skeletal frame is not a muscular look.

Eat. Train. Gain 35-40 pounds, and I bet your abs even right up.




You might be using too much of your dominant side in your ab exercises, which would lead to one side being stronger and more defined than the other. Try doing ab exercises that stress each side separately such as woodchoppers. It would be nice if you were to post what ab exercises you actually do though.
However, as Rainjack said, focus on gaining more muscle mass before worrying about your abs.


This has always been a problem for me too. Kind of weirds me out. I had it at 160 pounds and I have it now at 200.

I wonder if it could be compensation for posture problems or unevenness. I think that's what it is in my case.

That could extend even to having one leg slightly longer than the other(which I have, and it raises one hip just a bit higher than the other, though I'm the only one who notices). Any structural imbalances will result in the whole rest of your body trying to compensate. It's a big job of your core muscles specifically to do that anyway, so they've got an even tougher and weirder job on hand if there are structural imbalances. That would tend to work one side of your support muscles like abs, low back, and obliques, a little more, and since you stand and sit up for so many hours each day for so many years, some small muscular uneveness could be pretty much expected, it would seem.

Unfortunately, this tends to suggest that changing your work-out won't change much, because your skeletal structure won't be changing, and you will ALWAYS have an uneven load on your support muscles. And that's a minute-by-minute for an entire lifetime thing that's of course longer and more profound than any work-out could ever be.

That's IF you have some small imbalance like me. It could also be postural bad habits with a perfectly balanced skeletal system(which might not be all that common) leading the core to unevenly certain support muscles. If that's the case, anything from chiropractic to Rolfing to yoga to simple attentiveness and discipline could go a long way toward evening things out.


People are prone to using their dominant side (which is usually stronger) during times of stress (i.e. high percentage squat) which can result in slight unilateral strength deficiencies.

I might look towards doing some single leg/arm exercises for a little, and definitely checking strength levels from various planes of motion for any outstanding differences.

It is my thought that your uneven development is a result of such events, not so much you leaning towards one side more than the other during a crunch.


The unevenness in your abs means that you will most likely die a slow painful death. Good luck, keep us posted.


Guaranteed to be the post he listens to the least. You should have complimented him on being really really lean at 148lbs first so that he felt like he accomplished something.


Agree with the others, you should put on slabs of muscle even if it means some fat and THEN worry about your abs. There is a good chance that it is genetic and in that case there is probably nothing you can do about it.

I'm not sure I agree that using your dominant side would lead to more muscle in the "six-pack" muscle. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think you flex your right 3 abs and left 3 abs independently, they are all the same muscle. However, uneven development of the obliques is possible.

Maybe you just have to take a large dump, in that case, I'd recommend Metamucil- Not the low carb one.


Dude 148 lbs with ab showing!! OMG! Are you lightpower's brother or something? What are your lift totals!?!?!


You could just be standing slightly rotated. Does your back feel like it has to pop often?



yeah they are showing but i gotta flex and no it doesnt feel like my back is about to pop thanks for the input everyone


what the hell... im gonna die a slow painful death... fuck you


He means that being as puny as you are, visible abs should be the last thing on your physique's to do list.

How many ribs can you see? I'm betting most all of them are visible. But get to work on those abs.


Seriously, uneven abs have the same correlation to having your flesh bubble up with infected little pusstules while the collagen matrix that binds the tisue of the lower gut deteriorates, as the crease on the earlobe does to heart conditions.

Thats a shame. Nice knowing you!


Pretty funny. I'm 5'10" and used to be 138 lbs. So I know how skinny he is.


Well then, I suggest you lose another 20lbs so those bad boys stand out without you having to flex so hard. Get back to us when you get that fat ass body under 130lbs!!


Uneven abs is common and is caused by hip disalignment or sumthing like that. Its where one of your hip is higher than the other. Its a genetic thing and I have heard of some people putting socks or padding in their shoes on the side that is lower to try and correct this. I'm not sure if that works though.


doing ab work with your legs cross will make your abs grow unevenly.