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Uneven Abdominals


is this problem due to genetics or a muscle inbalance?

My left abs dont stick out anymore than the right but they are longer, giving my stomach an uneven look. I read somewhere its to do with tendon attachments since the abdominals are one muscle or something but i have also read its from doing sit ups etc unevenly

any thoughts?


Not sure. But its very common. Dont worry about it.



It's purely genetic and IIRC there isn't any fix beyond plastic surgery.


Always liked that look more

Hopegully when I see mine they look like that


ok man cheers, makes me feel a lot better haha


I used to ponder the same thing when looking at Ronnie Coleman's abs -lol. It's always funny when you hear some gym rats talk about "training for an 8-pack" as well.





You don't choose how your tendons run across your abs. That is all a "six pack" is, the way your own tendons run across that one muscle group. You don't even fix that with plastic surgery....because there is nothing to fix.

This would be like saying you don't like the size of your head and would like to know how to train to get it smaller.


I had a good buddy who was an animal in the gym. He had the most shredded 8 pack year round (genetic freak) and he was convinced that the "uneven abs" look was due to people always crossing their leg during crunches, dips, pull ups ect from the time they started lifting. He never crossed his legs while lifting or he would switch up which foot was on top halfway through each set.

Pretty sure that would classify as "bro science".... But it stuck with me and always do the same lol.

Summary: pretty sure it's just genetics.


Yeah, mine are uneven as well. Purely genetic and has had not impact on my training that I can tell.


Pick your parents differently


more likely embryological/developmental than genetic. same outcome