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Uneven Ab Definition



when i flex the right side seems to be more defined then the left side.

any reason as to why this happens? or how i can improve the left side.


You could have a bilateral deficiency. Do you do any repetative motions that would cause this?


Or he could be like a lot of beginners who don't understand that they aren't completely symmetrical between their right and left sides...which is completely human.


what do you mean by repetitive motions?


Do you do any bending or twisting in a certain direction over and over through out the day? There is a natural lack of symetry as the Professor has stated, and I don't even know if it's possible in the abs, but repetative motions can cause bi-lateral deficiencies in some muscle groups and limbs.

If so, and it is an impedance to training, you can usualy clear them up prety easily. An extra set or two at the end of a workout on the weak side.


I heard that the left side was naturally a bit less lean because greater regional fat storage protects the liver/pancreas which are on that side. Or that's an old wives' tale, and by wives I mean trainers.


Where are the liver and pancreas? I always thought the liver was on the right side, covered by the lobe of the ribcage. I gotta start watching more autopsies on t.v.


You are overcomplicating this. You can't see your liver through your abdomen. It doesn't bulge through your abdomen. If yours does, then you have some very serious issues that you need to call "911" about.

More than likely, like most beginners, he is looking at his body in detail for the first time. That doesn't mean every "discrepancy" he notes is some serious disease or physical issue. Most of the time, they are simply realizing how their body is different than every one else's.