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Unequipped Federation


Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could steer me towards a fed where I can lift without any gear. I'm not one of the RAW nuts that post sometimes, I just don't have desire to use equipment yet.

I don't really know about the "politics" or ins and outs of the sport or which feds are considered the most legit.

Contests in the midwest are a definite plus as well.




Check out http://www.powerliftingwatch.com/compare-federations for a list of unequipped federations.


Thanks man, that helps alot.


Best of luck Conor.


Also remember that there are no rules against lifting raw in a geared federation.



you can lift in any meet with just a singlet...bench shirt, squat suits, etc. are not a requirement...



I feel similarly. I have never competed, but I found this site while checking around, and plan on going to one of their meets near here.


The WDFPF has both raw and single ply equipped divisons.


Yeah, that's a good point and something I didn't think about. I suppose at my level of experience, I'm not going to be competitive at very many meets anyway, so if the equipped meets are more convenient I might as well go to them.