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Undulating Program in Calorie Deficit

Hey CT,

Would you make any changes to the undulating periodization program if done in a deficit?

The smaller last exercises can be done for straight sets correct?

I’m 2B and have a few kilos to lose before summer.

I normally don’t change the way I (or my clients) strength train while in a deficit unless they start to show signs of not recovering properly (fatigue, drop in motivation, aches and pains, decrease in performance); or signs of elevated cortisol (water retention/bloating, increase in resting blood pressure, problems sleeping), in which case I normally lower the volume a bit or reduce the intensity (e.g. push each set to an RPE of 7 or 8 / 10 instead of 9 /10)

Good to hear, i enjoy a 2 on / 1 off scheduel, so i was thinking of going with that, and doing some very liss bike combined with workouts, maybe 20-30min / day.

Eating at a deficit for something like .5kg per week fatloss at most…

Sound horrible?