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Undulating Periodization

I hope I don’t sound like an idiot when posting this, but I guess I’m hoping that if I do sound like one, you guys can help me fix it.

I’ve been doing a linear progression program for the past two months or so, but I think I’m pretty much capped out with this program with a bench 5x5 @ 215, squat 5x5@350, and a deadlift 405x5 Reps.

I was thinking about switching to an undulating program:

Week 1: Heavy
Week 2: Light
Week 3: Heavy
Week 4: Medium
then repeat

Is this a sound approach?

Bill Starr does not reccomend that, thats all I know.

Check out Alwyn Cosgrove and Lou Schuler’s New Rules of Lifting. All the hypertrophy workouts are based on undulating periodization. It seems like it might be a cool way to schedule your assistance work.

Does “heavy” mean low reps/strenght and “light” is high reps/hyperthrophy training? If so my comment above is not relevant i think.

i agree we need to know you define heavy and light.

what most people think of as heavy and light, it would better to go for 3-6 week cycles of each. or wave up from light to heavy over 3-6 weeks then step down a notch and step ladder up again.

we can be more specific with more information.

Heavy would be 80-95% of max for the majority of the lifts. 2-5 reps per set

Medium is 65-80%. 5-10 reps per set

Light would be purely Hypertrophy based. 10-15 reps per set.

I have heard of some programs doing a strength workout for legs (or any other body part) early in the week then a Hypertrophy based workout later in the week.