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Undulating Finisher Sets

Hey all , As Westside uses Undulating 3 weekrotations with Releaser / Chains / Bands for speed work , Would there be any advantage to using 40% of 1Rm of that days Main lift (say 2 sets of 20) , then 50% second week (2 sets of 15) / 60% third week (2 sets of 10-12) to increase glucose depletion and spur muscle growth . I know Thibs is a big fan of Finishers. Thank you for your time

Just to be clear the “main” work you do will give you some 90-95% of your training effect. If this isn’t on point no amount of special techniques, finishers or exercise variations will make up for it.

What you suggested would likely have a similar effect to an extra work set or two tops. So not much of a training effect.

If it’s to give your body/joints extra stimulus while giving it a rest from big weights sure, but you may as well do more working sets over time if it’s within your work capacity. The stimulus or what “spurs” muscle growth is still progressive overload e.g. more volume, more drugs, more weight etc.

I do this with my bench all the time, Ill start with 30 percent and do 3 sets of 20 after main work and bump it up 5 or 10 pounds each time. You can keep this going for a while, I think last time I did it I started with 135 and ended up with 240 or 245. You can do it with dumbbells too, helps my joints feel good, work capacity increases and some additional muscle growth.