undoing damage

I need some help.I started working out about two years ago, and through studying physiology and the importance of diet and training, made some good gains.when I started working out I was 235 lb’s with a body fat of 28%.A year later when I went into the army I was 215 lb’s and 8% body fat.I had done two four week cycles consisting of test 200, d-bol, deca, clomid, nolvadex, and cytomel.I injured my knee in the army and the army doctors did a number on me.I was recieving cortisone injections weekly and oral solumedrol daily(both of which are glucocortical steriods).Needless to say I lost:muscle, sex-drive and endurance, but I gained fat and emotional instabilty.I recentley started working out again but just can’t make any gains.My diet is right on and I train smart and hard, but my gains are minute.I need a plan.Shoul I just continue or should I think about a cycle to get my body back on track?Someone please help.I am a nurse and understand the “risk” and know that done right it can be done in a healthy manor.I will apriciate any imput.Thanks

Stick to it how long have u been training now? couple of months a year 2 years??? I wouldn’t start anything just yet if its been under a year… Try using some supplements that might help u out. there’s some good ones here in Biotest. people swear by Mag 10 and other supplements.

It’s hard to tell from your post what the problem could be. The catabolic drugs you were taking shouldn’t be much of an issue now. If you think your testosterone levels are sub-optimal you should be checked by an endocrinologist. The problem could be your diet. What does your diet look like now?

When you were on AA’s, how much did you take, and did you take ancillaries? You could have done permament damage to your endocrinological system, that was just confounded by your corticosteroid usage.

You don’t mention any time frames here. We need to know:

  1. When you did the cycles

  2. When you were in the forces, and had the knee problems

    3)How long you’ve been out, and how long you’ve been trying to get back into training.

  3. Your current stats, gains so far, and at least an outline of your diet and training (“right on” is not enough!).

    These will all give us a better idea as to the possible cause of your problems, and advice/solutions for fixing them.

    Most of the guys on this forum are, through choice, not steroid users, so the advice you get in this respect might be slightly biased. If you really wanted to go back down that avenue again, you’d be better off heading over to the steroids forum. However, I would just say that although a cycle might be a short-term fix, you’ll be back to square one if your hormones are screwed up now, and then get screwed up again coming off them. I would urge you to get a thorough physical exam and blood hormone evaluation before choosing this option.

    Get back to us. Look forward to hearing from you. SRS

How old are you now? How long and how much did you use the glucocorticosteroids? How long did you maintain your top level? If you did not maintain you previous best for more than a year I’m guessing you were only that way because of the steroids. You can not hope to maintain yourself beyond your genetic potential for very long without steroids or extremely commited diet and training. It sounds as if your injuries prevented both. I’ve seen cycles take people right back to the top in a short period of time but these same people usually lost a whole lot when they were off the juice in an equally short period of time. I’m of the opinion that steroids should be used mainly to help you come closer to your potential or to help a medical condition- not to go way beyond your potential. I can’t imagine the dissapointment of losing every time you stopped using.

Try the over the counter stuff first. Last time I checked the other stuff is not allowed by the UCMJ. If you are an E-5 or above and you get caught, out you go!
Best of Luck.