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undeveloped body parts

What do you think some of the underdeveloped body parts on other people at the gym, the pro’s, anybody. I think the emphasis on the lower lats has diminished. I think the last time I saw someone with good lower lat development was Arnold.

My gym is full of “Disco Bodybuilders”. They only train the muscles that they can show off on the dance floor: chest, and biceps. They walk around with big pecs and chicken legs. I love working legs, but I’ve seriously neglected my back; I’m now trying to give it more priority.

Transverse Abdominus. GH use has shot the days of Frank Zane and the vacum in the ass. See if any of the guys in your gym can recruit their transverse over the rectus abdominus. The test: Lie on your back and lift your heels 4 inches off the ground. You should be able to maintain a flat lower back (in contact with the ground) for at least 10 seconds without your stomach ‘buldging’ out. The bulge means its rectus firing, the vacum means transverse.


LEGS…without a doubt! Why? Leg workouts (if done with the intensity they should) are damn hard!(But don’t you have a GREAT feeling afterwards?)…and as NyC said…people favor the “showy” muscles…

Hey…to each his own…but those guys with some half-assed bis and chicken legs look SORTA strange…(but tell me this…why are they often the guys in the gym giving out the most (and WORST) advice?) Huummm…

Agree with the Legs! I absolutely hate volume-based leg workouts. Done correctly, noone likes them, and if you say you do, you are lying, or not training hard enough. However, I do really enjoy the intensification type training (ie. lots of sets, few reps, and a bunch of weight and just one big ol’ exercise – the full squat). Now that is a fun workout. The sets are shorter, the rest is longer and you get to hear all the plates clanging when you explode out of the hole with a weight that when you unrack it feels, like its going to bury you.

Lower lats…?

you know whats interesting? the fact that the dudes that do nothing but chest and bi’s are actually making their chest look smaller. when you neglect back training and focus on the pushing muscles of the upper body the shoulders begin to round forward. creating the look of a hunched over cave man with a flat chest.

I don’t care what others do or don’t do, unless they want to fork over the cash to have me summarize a lifetime of learning and learning from mistakes. Starting with referring to lower lats.

Or the fact that so few guys actually wear shorts to the gym. I mean, why would they, they dont train legs, and when they do it’s a few sets of leg extensions and some partial squats. We call them “upper bodybuilders”.

Definately legs. I go to a gym in liverpool, Uk, and the upper body ‘training area’ is about 5 times larger than the leg training area. And on your average day, they’ll be about 20 people on upper body at one time and about 3 (one of which is me) training legs. And when someone does train legs, they never squat, or deadlift, but use every machine they can find in a random order.

Yeah, gotta agree with legs–myself included. I did allot of sprinting in high school, so my legs had always been bigger. Now I’m starting to get bigger in the upper body so time to start training legs. But after legs, I’d have to say that the most underdeveloped body part I see most often is the shoulders–especially the anterior head (which some would say is part of the back).

I think you meant to say the posterior delts not the anterior delts.