I just recently got back from competing at the ifbb world championships in europe. When I arrived I noticed right away that this was no natural show, I even saw people that had fresh injections marks in there triceps. I had busted my ass for this show but was obviously missing something. Talking or asking about any drugs was very taboo.
Now im back home and everyone has been saying “well you did it the honest way” but the point is I lost, and I want to win so do you think you guy s have any info on how these other contries are passing the test. I know that it was something undetectable and it wasn t growth hormone (well some of them).
You guys are probebly the only source of information that can help me out

call Mr. Conte from balco labs. lol

I’m not sure but I would imagine RSOC’s bolasterone and turinabol aren’t detectable…I’m sort of unsure because I don’t know if they have metabolites similar to any other drug that is tested for.
GH and 50mg/prop every 4th day should also slide you by on a drug test. Discontinuing some orals 9 days before the test may work too.
This is complicated and I never got a great answer on how to beat an athletic drug test that is actually looking for steroids.
It’s always some jack ass reply not to worry cause employers don’t test for roids. Well what about athletic organizations that do??
It’s really tough to have a universal answer. NFL, MLB (are they even pretending to test, NBA, IOC and State Athletic Commissions probably all screen differently.
They test a different % of athletes in a lot of pro sports so some guys never get tested. Then if you are tested, some only look for test/epitest and if that comes back high they investigate further for other metabolites.
Some look for specific steroid metabolites and drugs right off the bat.

Scrappy is right on the money. I doubt that they really test their bodybuilders. If they do they give them a heads up as to when so the athletes can make the necessary changes in their drug programs so they test clean.

i seriously doubt these drugs are undetectable as much as not tested for. such as the new “designer” drugs that have been in the news lately.

Luc, I admire your determination and desire to compete naturally. I have competed in Europe(lived there for 17 years)and I can tell you that very few if any competition ever tests for drugs. The money is simply not there and frankly if they did that they would lose a shit load of sponsors and competitors. If you decide to do it again do what we all do. Long esters at first and finish off with short esters like propionate for example. I just recently spoke with some former competitors and friends of mine and they still continue to do this. Don’t take the word natural literally because it is not. Some of those guys take more drugs than a lot of pros. Think about it: drugs in Europe are cheap. If you pay between $10 and $20 for an amp of sustanon 250 here in the states in Europe I can get it for $2.57 cents. Why wouldn’t they want to juice?

Can any of you tell me what (if anything) is legal to buy in France?