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Undesired Weight Loss After Changing Test Schedule

My schedule was 200mg every 2 weeks. Have been enjoying steady small weight gains. Eating right, tracking macros, at the gym regularly and varying workout. Feeling great.

Total T (1230 ng/dL) and Free T (43.1 ng/dL) were too high after 3 months.

So Dr switched me to every 3 weeks.

During the 1st occurrence of the 3rd week ( the last week before another injection ). My weight began declining steadily every day. lost 8 lbs over the week.

I have been tracking weight over the last 6 months with decent consistency and this decline is definitely a change in weight trend.

Could this be caused from the change in T schedule? Have other folks experienced this behavior regarding weight change and change in schedule ?

Que @systemlord !! Lol

Wait for it and he’ll chime in and give you some insight. I just don’t have the energy at this second to parrot what has already been said on this forum 157 bazillion times.

Spend a few minutes reading other threads and your answers will be obvious.

Not trying to be an ass here… just taking the “teach a man to fish” approach.

The short version though, is that your protocol sucks and you more than likely started retaining a ton of water and now you’re losing that.

It’s time to start ripping isn’t it, LOL!

Let me first start out with sammcpherson has been quacked by a doctor that probably has never prescribe testosterone and is only reading the outdated prescription label guidelines. A clinical study came out in 2005 where japanese men were injected with 200mg every 2 weeks and results showed no one remained in the therapeutic ranges after 6 days.

On paper the half life of T-cypionate is 12 days, but in the real world it’s closer to 7 days. A lot of men who inject T once weekly feel a crash 5-6 days after an injection. Your SHBG should dictate dosing schedules, lower SHBG men tend to do better on 3-4 injection or more per week, I have SHBG on the lower end and inject 23mg (92mg weekly) every 2 days.

These infrequent protocols make men estrogen dominant, T falls and estrogen remains high far longer as it clears the body slower than testosterone. We metabolize testosterone and excrete it through our kidneys into our urine, whereas estrogen must be cleared out of the liver which can take longer.

You need to seek private care for your TRT or you’ll always struggle and read about other guys success stories on TRT. Endocrinologist and urologist don’t specialize in sex hormone therapies and most are incompetent by choice do to lower profit margins, T-cypionate has no patents and is considered low cost and is avoided by most doctors as an area of medicine to practice.

This is why you will find it almost impossible to locate a doctor under insurance that excels at TRT. Most members here have either figured out their own cases while their doctor allows it or have sought competent care in anti-aging or sports medicine.

Look at the graphs 6 days after an injection->>

Hormone profiles after intramuscular injection of 200mg testosterone enanthate every 2 weeks in patients with hypogonadism

thank you @systemlord @bmbrady77 - I will seek out a anti aging / sports medicine specialist as soon as absolutely possible.

sincerely thank you again