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Vampire VS Werewolf, Matrix Bullet-Time Style.

`Nuff Said.

Oh, the babe looks cool too. But then again, I like them on the (tall and) darkside. =0)

(Wonder what Whitewolf will have to say about that...?) ;0)


Hopefully Tony G will read this, since he was asking about it. I believe ArcaneCocaine posted a message and a trailer about this movie a month or so ago. Ever since I saw it, I'm awaiting Sep 19th when it comes out.

My GF said she's going to call it Latrix. Because it looks like there's latex and to her looks similar to Matrix.


Latex or leather? Good question. Will have to look back at the trailer.

Looks good on the babe, and IMHO she is far better looking than Trinity.


The trailer is pretty good.The vamps are sworn to kill the werewolves, the idea being that it has been their sacred duty since day 1.

A W.W and a Vamp end up falling in love and the shit hits the fan. I think that the story is Romeo and Juliet but with werewolves and vampires.


I saw Freddy vs. Jason this past weekend, and this was a trailer. It looks freaking awesome. All action. Who cares about plot?


i've seen several movies that had the trailer for this. i just have to say that i think this movie is going to kick a$$. i love the part in the trailer where she spends around shooting through the floor in a circle or maybe where she jumps off the building and lands and walks away like it was nothing...i do how ever think spiderman is right. this will be a type of dark romeo and juliet movie.


Dude, this is gonna rock.

Vamps vs. 'wolves!



wow, i didn't relieze taht she played in serindipidy..that is a big difference in roles. thanks for pointing that out lissa.


Yeah I posted this twice before. But cool shit with vampires deserves more posts. Anyways I think it looks good...lots of action possibly a story. Too bad it was ripped off from White Wolf. Yes I also said that in my prior two posts. Why? Because if it was done true to the "World of Darkness" setting it would make this look like a steaming hunk of shit! Basically this is a seriously watered down version. I don't know how WhiteWolf isn't sueing them. Unless they are involved. Which would make me think that studio exec. decided that this would be more marketable. Nah White Wolf would never sell out. I'll still see it though. Kate Beckisale is hottttttttttttttt. :wink:


u guys mean whitewolf as in the ppl that publish Vampire:The Masquerade?? (ok, yes, i did search for that answer online, lol). That was my first thought when I saw the trailer even though I couldn't think of the damn CCG's name. I remember ppl playing when I went to play MTG at my local comic book store a few years back.


REN: Yep, WhiteWolf, the same gang that refined Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, Mummies, Wraith (and I forget tons probably, stopped looking at that stuff a couple of years back) into a whole new, and marvelous, game playing system. Have no idea if the computer game followed in the steps. But, oh, the setting...wonderful...specially the Tzimisce (Sabbat)... =0)

I have no idea if they had a saying in the film, but I immediately thought of their modern-day mythology and setup when I saw the Underworld trailer. Were they contacted? Could this be lawsuit-class material? I have no idea.


Tzimisce and the Lasomba are the Sabbat. Obtenebration is da nasty! CCG! No an actual RPG. I'm thinking WhiteWolf might let this pave the way for their setting. There is so much to it that a mere werewolves vs vamps is just such a small part. :slightly_smiling:


Ack. My computer froze just when I sent a reply so I don't know if my first post went through. So, just in case it didn't...

Kate Beckinsale was the girlfriend/wife for 9 years of another actor in this movie, Michael Sheen, and they have a kid together.

While this movie was filming, Kate and the director, Len Wiseman, got interested in each other. Kate dumped her husband and is now engaged to the director.

The press junkets are going to be interesting for this flick.


Wow she sucks!!! Yes the worse pun ever!!! :wink:


By the way. Bloodlines a game adaption of Vampire: The Masqurade is coming out in January using the Half-life 2 engine!!! Come on say it with me...MUTHA FUCKA!!! :wink:


Masquerade was a decent game, but I wonder how much of the real physics in the HL2 engine they're gonna need, everyone knows vampires push the limits on that. I can't wait to see it.


Saw the movie this afternoon.
Expected more action.
Still, excellent for a 23 million budget.
Long start, but understandable, since they do not have a trilogy to explain everything.
I wont spoil the film, but the Heroine is just TOO perfect...makes one wonder why she isnt running the whole show in the setting...
Maybe I`m too much under the WhiteWolf mythology, which this film is not I know, but I expected more ass kicking from the Lycans (Werewolves). Makes a big contrast from the WW Game where you have to be 3-4 Vamps to hope to slow down on Werewolf because they soak damage like Hell.


I saw the movie tonight. It was awesome! I thought the plot/special effects were do perfect.

I just wish I had more info on what happen between Vamps and Lycans and what started this war. I didn't follow this type of mythology when I was younger. But was always fasinated by Vampires and Lycans.


Well, I saw this and I thought it was quite good. I've never read any of the whitewolf stuff etc so I can't comment.

So if you're thinking of seeing it I would recommend it.



Just got back from seeing it. Yeah the Wolfs aren't damage sponges as in the game. But silver bullets sort of prevent regeneration. :wink:

I just miss all the other powers that the vamps and garou...opps lycans have in the game. I mean the elder vamp guy was a disappointment in a lot of ways. Great actor though. They bastardized alot of stuff. It came off very heavy handed. However it was a pretty good story. Little things missing or not quite right here and there bugged me. But better than most movies I've seen lately. Also that one sword was just a bit too sharp...I mean come on.

All in all I really want to see a true World of Darkness movie with mages and the whole bit. Sorry for the convoluted post. Ciao. :slight_smile: