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Underwear Suggestions

im getting sick of my hanes tagless boxerbreifs getting soaked in sweat and riding up during a 9.5 hour work shift. my ass crack will get all sweaty as hell and if i fart dear jesus it’s fucking over. also my thighs rub together constantly… measure about 28" cold right now but most of it is in the adductors and hamstrings.

was thinking about investing in some snazzy undies, or even switching to tighty whities. anybody know of a reasonably affordable underpants that has the following:

-keeps me dry
-fits snug on my thighs and ass and doesn’t ride up
-has maybe a nice pouch on the front for my junk so i dont fucking crush my sack all day between my legs, or my shit sticks all sweatily to my taint.

was thinking about just wearing compression shorts but that would be expensive to buy enough pairs to last a week

i love mah boxerbriefs. they make my legs looks awesome when i first put them on.

your best bet will be to use no underwears and freeball it.

i like my underarmor ones

they’re like $20 each though.

Boxerbriefs > anything else

Wear some panties… I hear they are comfy

just find a more elastic type of boxerbriefs…the hanes tagless bunch up on me too, annoying as hell. The jockey brand ones with the orange tag seem to not ride up as much.

American Eagle boxers feel good.

[quote]elano wrote:
American Eagle boxers feel good.[/quote]

I’ve ripped about a dozen pairs of those squating.

Buy some Joe Boxer boxerbriefs…they don’t ride up at all, fit great (plenty of room for the junk), and are still going strong after many washings. The Hanes Tagless ones are tend to ride up for me as well (gotta be cheaper material) though have held up OK. But after I tried the Joe Boxers, even though they’re pricier, they’re worth it every time.

Until very recently, I too used to use Hanes, but they are rather uncomfortable. Too bulky and make me sweat.
Like someone else mentioned, Joe’s are much better.

Regular boxer briefs are pretty lame
However, spandex based ones are fucking amazing and they don’t ride up shit.

I go commando for workouts. I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t. Only exception might be sprints, but I now do intervals on the elliptical so it’s all good.

A smelly jock strap.

Under Armor FTW.

I like Ck ones, i have two different styles, one more for everyday, other for workouts, they are longer and both are very comfortable.

Underarmour are good too, pricey though.

Go to target and check out some of the champion underwear. They got a couple more athletic styles from briefs, trunks, to full boxer briefs.

Cheaper, fairly sweat friendly, and don’t ride up as much. I’d stick w/ the briefs though because I got some trunks and boxer briefs and both creep up my thighs. Wedgies haven’t been an issue.

I second the champion boxer briefs. new material thats pretty good at wicking sweat and dont ride up at all. and there on the cheap

Underarmor or IZOD boxers

yeah im thinking about getting some breifs just for squat days/lunge days. feel like i cant fire my glutes right with bunchy boxers lol

i use underarmour, though if they get twisted to the left or right they are really uncomfortable until you fix it.

I would stick with the boxer briefs but look for some that aren’t made out of 100% cotton. Go for a liter material (spandex or similar) that should help with the sweating. Also, look for like “Quick Dry” and/or “Sweat quickin” kinds of underwear, they are design to be supportive yet help to alleviate the sweat.

I have tried the Champion trunks mentioned above, they are great for keeping me cool and reducing sweat. My only problem is that there is not a big enough pouch in the front for my junk to rest nicely (honest answer even though it sounds conceited). But I would go check out Target, they have lots of those kinds of stuff available.

For workouts in the gym, especially squats and stuff…I maybe old fashion here but a jock is the way to go.