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Understanding Tipping


Witnessed today at lunch a group run a waitress while I was dining then leave her nothing as a tip. I'm as frugal as the next guy, prior to lunch I changed my car's brakes because I just couldn't bring myself to turn 120 dollars of parts into 650 bucks at the shop, but I've never been able to understand the no tipping to save a few dollars mindset.

I tip and generally pretty well. I like to walk into a restaurant or a bar when its stacked 4 or 5 deep and get served immediately. Any thoughts from those who don't on why you follow this path? Would you be willing to pay 25 to 40 percent more for eating out and just having the wait staff paid more money to start with? Or do you like riding on the coattails of all the tippers and getting cheaper food?

This is primarily directed to American posters, because I realize you silly Europeans and Aussies pay your wait staff more and tipping isn't customary...but feel free to chime in about how we Americans are a savage, crazy tip expecting people.


Actually some people don't realize servers/bartenders make like $3 an hour. I ran into someone once who didn't think she should have to tip much for service that she would gladly do herself (bring her own food out if allowed) but I told her the server makes $2.80 an hour and she was floored. Actually thought servers made a good wage.

My feeling is throwing $5 (or $2 or $10) extra on a tip changes it from decent to great and makes someone's day. And I can spare $5 for that.


I waited tables for a few years, so I generally tip at least %20. That experience has left me way less tolerant of shitty servers though. There is no excuse for walking right past my table and not even looking in my general direction. Some people just don't have the time management skills, nor temperament, to wait or bartend and should be run out of the business with low tips.

I work in the Czech Republic all the time, and love tipping there. You don't have to tip much, and those girls will fight over serving you when you walk down the street. Eating is a way better experience in Europe, so I would actually feel a little guilty about not tipping while there.


October girl is foaming at the mouth right now. Just sayin'.


Why? She some type of rabid anti-tipper?



We went in circles in this thread.


Girls love the tip - even if it's just for a second just to see how it feels.


Eh got ya, but with the current system someone who holds that view can benefit from all the tippers. It is cheap. I don't particularly think its fine to be cheap but whatever.

Waiting and bartending is one area where profiling is very successful. There is no doubt for example white guys from the east coast are the champion tippers of the world. Men in general are much better tippers so likely women either claim to hold to the idea they'd want to be charged more money or are ok with getting to ride for free.


As someone who (partially) financed his early college years by both waiting tables and delivering pizzas, I know a thing or three about this.

Of course, giving specifics will draw hordes of people who "fit the mold" in here to claim that they are ALL the exception to the generally accepted "rules" of the food service industry... and that the experiences of me and my coworkers at several different restaurants and sub shops are all skewed by our shitty personalities.

I'll probably toss it out there tomorrow, just for the fuck of it, to see what happens.

<--- divides his bill by three, rounds up to the nearest five, and tips that. Even if they don't swing by my table every three minutes to fawn over me, pretend to find me attractive and compliment me on my food choices while laughing at my restaurant puns. Come at me, bros.


Mr Pink explains it very well:


In Spain is custom to tip...if the service was good. Even if it wasn't due to the place being overcrowded and so on, you usually leave some extra money.

In Estonia I have never tipped, people just don't do it, but I blame the prices. Eating out is very expensive and adding a tip on it is too much. People here also pay 95% of times with card, so it's "harder" to tip.


Where are you from Edevus? Spain? but now you live in Estonia? Just curious.


Yep, exactly like that.

Edevus means "Vanity" in Estonian, that's why I picked this name.


lol Vanity, not a virtue btw but maybe an accurate name for yourself? :wink:

Is it much better in Estonia than Spain, for work and cost of living? Or is it something else?


I was between choosing my usual nickname or somewhat make fun of myself, so I went for "vanity".

It's not exactly better. Estonia is a very poor country, but here I'm free and away from the social pressure I was facing at home. I'm also tired of how the Spanish society works (best jobs, promotions, etc. come from social connections, never merits and many other things).

I have to say that here is when I started my life.


Since I'm a silly European....

"This is primarily directed to American posters, because I realize you silly Europeans and Aussies pay your wait staff more and tipping isn't customary...but feel free to chime in about how we Americans are a savage, crazy tip expecting people."

Pay your fucking employees decent wages!




Too cheap to part with a few bucks for a hard working waiter/waitress?
Stay home and eat.


And I think we found a new home for RV.


I was having a similar conversation with a friend today.
In Australia, it is not a custom to tip. But lately in some certain bars and restraunts they hint at you to leave a tip(ie: giving your change back on a "tipping plate").
The only problem with this, is that we already pay high prices for our food and beer. Especially here in the wild west.
You cant get a decent meal under $35, and a bottle of beer can cost you $10+. So a pretty average meal and a couple of drinks can cost you $60+. Times that by 2 if your paying for your date. And they still expect us to leave a tip?
Fair dinkum outrageous!