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Understanding the Superset


i was reading an article on here about how sometimes muscles pickup the extra workload in exercises like the BP for example, where triceps may take over and the pecs would be neglected.

so, i'm opting to use a superset i read in the same article, which basically has me doing DB BPs then after that doing DB flyes.

as my understanding goes, it goes, 1 set of BP, then immediately after, 1 set of flyes, then rest. correct?




In my expirience, this doesn't quite work. This particular combo, Bench + Flyes only fries my shoudlers. On the other hand, something like (Front) Squats + Leg Extensions does hit the quads pretty hard.

My opinion is that in the long run, the results of doing Bench sets first, then following them with flys, and using supersets, will be practically the same.


All right man, here's the deal: hand position effects everything. If you want to really focus on your chest muscles, try making your grip wider.

-if you do flyes then bench this is known as the "pre-exhaust" method (isolation movement then compound movement involving the primary muscles).


I HIGHLY suggest you look at OVT by CT as it fits the exact bill of what you are talking about.


Hope that helps,