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Understanding Test Results, Low?


Hey guys,

Haven't posted on these forums before. Just looking to get some help from someone interpreting some bloodwork I had done recently.

FSH- 1.0 iu/L [1.0-14.0]
LH- 6 iu/L. [2-14]
Oestradiol 89 pmol/L [<190]
Testosterone 12.7 nmol/L [8.0-38.0]
SHBG 12 L nmol/L. [15-100]
Calc Free Test 371 pmol/L. [250-720]
FAI 105.8 H. [14.0-65.0]

My doctor says that these levels are "normal", but I was hoping to get a more informed opinion. I feel like although my testosterone levels are technically within range they don't seem healthy for a 22 year old male.

Any help would be appreciated


Something is very wrong.

FSH and LS should be around the same levels, but LH levels vary a lot through the day. Your LH and FSH seem way apart.


Your E2 levels are sort of in a good range, but high relative to your lower T levels. That makes you estrogen dominant.

You should check to see if prolactin is elevated, that could be a cause. Please read the advice for new guys sticky and find references to prolactin and otherwise, read everything there.

cholesterol [might be too low]

The last three are thyroid function. If you have always used iodized salt and your body temps are good as per the thyroid basics sticky, there might not be a need for those labs.

Please provide a lot more info about you as per the advice for new guys sticky.

Your T issues are a symptom, we need to find the cause and not have T tunnel vision.


Thanks for the reply mate,

Hdl/Ldl were checked also and these were all good. Bloodcell counts were also done these all came up within range except for monocytes being slightly elevated (i have had a bit of a flu also).

I will get them to check prolactin at my next appointment.


will look into thyroid also


Also to add to my background.

-33" waist

  • was 95kg (210lbs) but lost 4 kg over the last few weeks of feeling average
    -always stored fat in stomach/chest only,very little in legs arms, this hasn’t changed
    –symptoms: have been extremely tired, feeling weak etc for a month or so now. Thought it was just a flu but starting to think otherwise. Can’t really train because i feel like im going to pass out, when i do battle through a session i can be sore for an entire week. Feeling pretty unmotivated in general not sure if this is a direct symptom or if its just because my training etc is going to poorly. Sex drive is definitely diminished also
    -have never taken any prostate or hairloss meds. Did a test only cycle when i was 18 which i realise was pretty stupid but at the time i didnt really know any better and listened to the guys around me. However i have been training pretty successfully for the last 4 years without gear. At the start of this year i did another 16 wk cycle of test and mast(first 8 Wks) followed by a solid pct. Since coming off i have felt 100% for the last 4 or so months until recently.
    -lab results with ranges (hormone panel above, do have cholestrol, bloodcell counts also and waiting on additional tests)


Does lab work reflect your current state for last month?

Your labs suggest low SHBG.

SHBG levels are decreased by androgens, administration of anabolic steroids,[19] polycystic ovary syndrome, hypothyroidism, obesity, Cushing’s syndrome, and acromegaly. Low SHBG levels increase the probability of Type 2 Diabetes.[20]

Are you dehydrated?

Info on use of iodized salt and body temps should be easy.