Understanding Test or Thyroid

Hi, I am looking for some insight on why am I the way that I am, this might be lengthy but I am out of all options right now and looking for help on people with knowledge in this.
Let me start off first with saying I have 46xx male testicular disorder, I am unable to have children and also this is the reason my doctors say my testosterone is so low. I am 27 years old and have had a rocky past and part of my symptoms is probably depression which I am not ruling out but I am sure there is something more.

Back in high school I was so tired every morning trying to get out of bed for school, I had no concentration back in school and had a no care attitude since then. When I was in elementary school everyone thought I was a genius I had perfect grades and I cared about life and where I was going. Lately just getting out of bed to go to work is killing me, I come home and have to relax the rest of the night or I am shot for the next day.

Some of my symptoms, I started with the weight of 169 now I am 197, I have a lot of aches and pains in my body randomly, my throat is always sore and I have been coughing for 3-4 years and they didn’t find anything medically wrong. I have been tired constantly for 6 years, everyday I wake up I feel the same I never fully wake up, feels like I am in a dream all the time. I am fatigued for 5-6 years, my left eye vision has been getting blurry lately and I had 20/20 vision 2 years ago for my pilot’s license. A couple years ago to about a year ago I would get angry really easy from nothing and blow up, lately I don’t even have the energy to be angry or upset I just go meh. I have lost the thrill in life and felt drained for so long and so kicked down I just need my life back. I will start with some other lab results before I get into the numbers.

Just a side note, when I was taking androgel, my fingers and joints were in so much pain all the time and my chest felt tight, also my walking got really bad my doctor took me off of it and that was the only thing that gave me energy but I never felt awake off that or anything I took. I also take vitamins a lot of b complex but that doesn’t do anything either…

I did a few tests, semen test was azoospermic. My thyroid measures at 4 cm in length for the right lobe, and 3.3cm in length for the left lobe. They found a cyst in my left testicle 3x2x4mm, right testicle 25x10x13mm left testicle 21x8x15mm.
I apologize if this isn’t sorted well I am trying to write this with all the information I have.

Also while you read these results I was on Androgel 4 pumps from August to October, Delatestryl 50mg once every 2 weeks October to December and 50mg once a week December to February, Axiron 2 swipes 1 each arm from February till now.
Also all my doctors believe in the .2-6 thyroid, and that my testosterone should be only 10 because of the chromosome issue. Also I am in Canada. All these are done in 2013.
I spent hours sorting out all my blood work, and this is the only way I can show it with it looking somewhat normal.
Thanks Sandor

Your situation is very similar to mine.

Let me tell you what I"m doing and how it’s helping me. Your TSH is almost EXACTLY like mine, and it’s SKYHIGH. You’re aiming for a result around 1. TSH higher than 2 is most likely subclinical hypothyroidism. You can read the advice for new guys sticky by KSMan, check your temperatures when you wake up and throughout the day.

I decided to start my thyroid treatment before hopping on TRT (I don’t wanna pin for life), and, so far, all my hormones have been increasing steadily (Test, FSH, LH) I’m using Thyroid-S, a Thai dessicated thyroid extract (you can get Nature-throid in Canada easily, if I’m not mistaken, or just go for a compound pharmacy).

I’m also using Anastrozole since my E2 went up along with my test. I’m thinking about trying a SERM restart if I’m still not feeling awesome by the time my hormones stop fluctuating.

I think you should try my approach and report back. The site stopthethyroidmadness.com has a bunch of great info on how to treat hypothyroidism and mild adrenal insufficiency. There are also good books on the subjects.

Really, so far my mood, libido and wellbeing are improving drastically. I’ve also lost fat while gorging on food (I went lower than 220lb, a plateau I could not break).

Do you have any chronic infections?

I have a constant sore throat and always hard to swallow, my hands and feet are always freezing also.

[quote]dabox wrote:
I have a constant sore throat and always hard to swallow, my hands and feet are always freezing also.[/quote]

Yeah, that definitely makes the hypothyroid red lights flash. I really can’t recommend Ksman’s posts enough. He uses an expression I really like, “T tunnel vision”, a lot of guys start TRT without eliminating other possibilities first, and then they crash, not checking for other hormone imbalances. Hypothyroidism is pretty common due to environmental and genetic factors.

Iodine deficiency can also be an issue. To rule it out, Iodoral 50mg a day for a week, along with magnesium, selenium, niacin and riboflavin to help clear bromines with minimal sides is recommended (you can also use salt loading to pee the halides out faster). Before this, you should test for thyroid antibodies (TPO, TgAb), since iodine+Hashimoto’s can be really unpleasant.

If I were you, I’d stop the testosterone (since it’s obviously not solving your health issues), and try iodine/thyroid first. If that doesn’t work, try working on your adrenals, and only then move on to TRT. Popping pills (cortef/ thyroid/ florinef/etc) is much better than having to pin all the time.

All the best.

Your thyroid issues could be iodine deficiency, as least that would be the best news as you could avoid a life time of thyroid meds.

T has not improved, but estradiol has. You may be better off injecting T.

Poor serum T response to transdermal T can be caused by low thyroid function.

Read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys
  • thyroid basics
  • protocol for injections

and yes, it is really important that you check your body temperature and consider your sources of iodine, iodize salt and/or vitamins that list iodine

I am seeing my endo tomorrow anything I should ask based on what we talked about and my blood work?