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Understanding Sheiko?

what about it makes it work? i’m looking at #29 and it does not seem like much at all compared to other lifting, like periodized training.

It works because Boris said so =P

The general idea (in my understanding) is that you get better at competition lifts by performing the competition lifts, and all extra work is geared around injury prevention and recovery, not getting stronger. Also, that working around 80% is ideal for simultaneously developing strength and technique.

I believe there is a fair bit of (mainly european) research behind the 80% idea. Have a look at Sheiko #37 to have a better idea of what it’s about, as it is a lot more intensive.

You get a ton of lifts or “practice” in. You get stronger through the total volume of training, and you improve speed through lower loading %.

[quote]kickureface wrote:
what about it makes it work? i’m looking at #29 and it does not seem like much at all compared to other lifting, like periodized training.[/quote]

If you read Sheiko’s books and translated articles you can see how the templates are periodized. If you calculate out the weekly volume, NL, and intensities you will see they generally follow a High/Medium/Very High/Low weekly volume cycle and everything fits together extremely slickly and there is more to it than meets the eye.

There is nothing extraordinarily special required to get stronger and Sheiko reflects that (and the fact that there are hundreds of programs and routines out there that do work).

I think people are so caught up in super-secret-Bulgarian-blitz-conjugated accomodating resistance explosive dead stop training they forget that all you really need to get stronger at bench, squat, and deadlift is to…bench, squat, and deadlift.

The results of Russian lifters like Kutcher, Belyaev, Suslov etc. are proof; as well as great American lifters who use variations of the system like Al Caslow and Wade Hooper.

If you want a more scientific approach, I don’t possess it but from what I read most of Sheiko stuff is an adaptation of the things you will find in Medvedyev’s “A System of Multi-Year Training in Weightlifting.”

Also, keep in mind, there isn’t a Sheiko “program”. There are just some templates floating around written by Boris Sheiko to give a basic overview of how he would set up training.

They aren’t written in stone and you have to be smart enough to make adjustments on the fly without deviating too much from the intended purpose, as Coach Shieko certainly did with the lifters he worked with.

[quote]Laughing Man wrote:
It works because Boris said so =P[/quote]

In soviet russia, Program follow YOU!

Not too hijack, but I just started Sheiko yesterday and was physically exhausted by the time I got to the Good Mornings.

I truly expect great things from this program, as I did with Stephan Korte’s 3x3.

You’ll never know how it works unless you just give it a try.