Understanding My Results

Hey All,

I’m male, 31 yrs old, 6’3 and about 230lbs, approx 16% bf.

After reading TC’s thread the other day I thought it would be wise to get my T levels checked at the same time I was getting cholesterol done (keep the wife happy). I’ve contemplated but never used steroids.

My diet is very clean - 90% clean.
My training is consistent 4/5 days per week on a bastardised WS4SB style program.

I used to be grossly overweight, for 6 years I weighed approx 301lbs then changed my life around, got done to a skinny fat 189 and now a more respectable and relatively strong 230.

I have a new company which comes with its stresses but otherwise life is good yet I struggle with the following:
Low Libido
Iritabile/Mood swings
Morning wood is very inconsistent
Suffer injuries frequently despite having a very structured and sensible progression program
Always wake up tired and unrefreshed
Struggle to drop body fat without dropping muscle (I realise some muscle will be lost)
Carry excess fat around my chest, not gyno but not how they should be for how I train

I have read through the stickies but I will admit I’m struggling to understand things, my doctor/GP who I would normally go to is in Bali for 3 months and well I’m not sure who else to discuss these results with.

Cholesterol 5.2 <5.0 nmol/l
HDL 1.67 >1.00 nmol/l
LDL 2.8 <3.0 nmol/l
Triglyceride 0.63 <1.70 nmol/l
HDL Ratio 3.1

Liver Functions
S-Total Protein 68 60-82 g/l
S-Albumin 45 37-52 g/l
S-Globulin 23 18-36 g/l
S-Alb./Glob/ Ratio 2.0 0.9-2.7
S-Total Bilirubin 19 2-20 umol/l

S-Conj Bilirubin 2 0-8 umol/l
S-Unconj Bilirubin 19 2-20 umol/l

S-Alk Phosphate 57 40-120 u/l
S-Gamma GT 29 5-50 u/l
S-Alt 30 10-40 u/l
S-Ast 34 10-40 u/l

Total 14.50 9.9-27.8 nmol/l
SHBG 29.2 14.5-48.4 nmol/l
Free Test Calculated 318.1 174-729 pmol/l

I also used an online calculator, not sure how accurate it is which calculated the following:
Free Testosterone 0.722 nmol/l = 4.97%
Bioavailable Test 2.42 nmol/l = 16.7%

I may have put too much info on here or useless info but I would really appreciate any help translating this stuff. According to the results i’m in the “normal” range but the range is so vast its ridiculous, I also would like to be treated on an individual level rather than grouped in within this normal range.

Thanks again in advance.


Your test is low for your age but not abysmal. I’m not sure what the ideal is for SHBG, but considering your symptoms I would definitely get E2 (Estradiol) tested. Also it’s always smart to test TSH and 8am cortisol. Additionally I would test DHT, and if you can get it, DHEA-S and pregnenolone.

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with some of those units. Cholesterol appears fine though.

Have you ever used hair loss drugs? They can mess up DHT - which is critical for sexual desire and performance.

Thyroid function - do you feel constantly fatigued? Get cold easily? Any joint pain? (Fatigue being the strongest symptom). You can test this yourself at home by purchasing a thermometer, measuring your body temperature at waking, and 3/6/9 hours after waking. Waking temps should be about 97.5. The other three should average out to 98.6. Low values is a good indicator of hypothyroid.

Read the stickies over and over. Especially “Advice for New Guys” and “Lab Work, Blood Testing, Symptoms”

Thanks SCJ for your reply - I appreciate you taking the time :slight_smile:

I will go along tomorrow and get the above mentioned tested and print the results when I have them.

Never used hair loss drugs, never used any drugs and generally am never ill so no need for medication. I supplement with zinc, mag, Vit D etc.

I dont feel constantly fatigued, definitely more of a morning thing - cold shower normally sorts it out but I never wake up feeling refreshed. I will take morning temperature though and check the readings.

I own my own Performance Facility and it gets me down that while I practice what I preach I don’t get close to the results for the amount of effort I put it.

Thanks again and I’ll post what I can when I get it :slight_smile:

You need LH/FSH lab results to determine if primary or secondary hypogonadism. Can’t do that later after starting TRT. There is a lab work sticky to read.