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Understanding My Pelvic Tilt


So i tweaked my back again for the third time and i hope to have it be the last.
I would like to seriously start correcting my postural imbalances through corrective exercise but i am not sure where to start because i cannot tell if my pelvic tilts anteriorly or posteriorly.

I have photos on my profile that i would love some knoweldgeable feedback on.
At first glance it looks to be an obvious anterior tilt but i have pretty bad kyphosis and a forward tilted head. But when i do a "slump test" my lower back flattens out almost completey and most of the issue i experiecne; very tight hamstrings, shoulder problems, pain in lower vbck when sittin and inabilty to keep neutral spine when bending at hips seem to say posterior tilt.
The other option is that i could just be tight and weak all over which is what i would actually prefer.

Any help is appreciated.


Start foam rolling your leg muscles(hams, hip flexors, quads, groin, it band), upper back, and lats. In addition to that, learn the dynamic stretches from magnificent mobility and you should bring back your posture.

Another thing that helps is stretch your hip flexors, quads, and hamstrings before bed each night and that seems to alleviate a lot of tightness in addition to the others I mentioned above.

Just keep working at it, and make sure to avoid sitting for prolonged periods as this just makes your posture worse.


Thanks for the feedback. I have both MM and IO and i am going to start doing them religiously each morning and night.
Hearing a pop in my lower back then thaccompanying pain and stiffness really scarred the shit out of me.

For so long i have just tried to work my posterior chain hoping it would fix things but i am starting to realize my legs (as you mentiuoned) are actually extremely tight.
There seems to be so much talk about getting the glutes to fire but really, i do not sit alot at work, i am very active outside of my job and do not have very tight hip flexors. Last night i staretd aggresivly stretching the glutes (they are so tight) and oh man did that help my back pain tremendously.
I think the whole time i spent trying o get the glutes to "fire" i was just making them more tight and decreasing my hip mobilty in the process.

i guess this should come as nno surprise considering i ride my bike a ton but i think my new line of thinking may just be stretch EVERYTHING.

I read alot about my hamstrings and there role in lower back pain but it seems like the glutes play a role as well. Any other thoughts on this?


This might help you fix your posture. I've definitely seen worse, though.


Don't fall into the trap that all you need to do is stretch and strengthen. That is part of the equation, but you also need to fix your posture.


A suggestion I got from a chiropractor is to carry your wallet in your front pocket. Think about it, if your sitting on your wallet your adjusting your pelvic tilt by about 2 inches. Long term it can add up.