Understanding My Neurotype

Hello Christian and friends! I just learned about your neurotype assessment test and got excited and took it right away. I had my brother and girlfriend help me answer the questions to try to remove any personal bias. My results had me as 1B dominant and 1A secondary, However my results were very close, would this more likely mean that I’m a 2A as I scored within 8 points of all types? I’ve attached my results if that helps. image

I believe you’re a 2A actor. There’s someone on here who took CTs course and understands this inside and out but I can’t recall his username or I would tag him.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’m just learning about all this and the concept is super intriguing to me! It’s still kind of new to me and was unsure exactly how to interpret these results.

Yes, that is a clear type 2A. YES your highest score is 1B BUT when you have or more scores that are the same or similar it can only be a 2A, the chameleons that can change their personality based on the situation and person they are with.

What do you want to know?

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Thank you so much for your time and the feedback on my neurotype. That was the main thing I wanted to know, now I can really dive headfirst into fully researching Type 2A. I purchased your “Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters” and it seems the variation in exercises and loading methods is perfect for a 2A Natural lifter. Thanks for all the great content and contributions on things that I and many other lifters had never even thought about, such as cortisol’s effect on muscle building and neurotypes.