Understanding My Lab Results Better

I’m trying to get a better understanding of my labs. First off i’m 23 years old, i’m 6ft0, and 225ish pounds, not a whole lot of muscle. Currently taking 100mg of TC weekly, taking 50mg e4d. I have asked about my labs before, but I want to just get a better understanding overall, because this will be a life long treatment for me. (primary hypogonadism since birth)

My lab results:
Total T: 642
Free T: 22.4
E2: 40
LH: 1.8
SHBG: 16

I had more things than this tested, but the other things i understand pretty well, I had my thyroid checked it it looked okay. So this bloodwork was done at a trough, the day before my injection in the afternoon. Does that mean when I’m at a peak, my TT, FT, and E2 are all higher? I’ve been told that TT to E2 ratio is not good, and is probably the reason for why i feel like shit still. And when it comes to the LH, I was told its still pretty high, since TRT will shut down your production, so my LH should be lower. So what i’m wondering is, as my LH decreases and my natural production stops, will my Test levels drop, since my testes are no longer making the small amount of T that they we’re making? Also the lab I had done before these, like 3 months prior, my TT was 470, and my Free T was 12, at that point I had been on TRT for about 5 months. I don’t understand how without any protocol or dosage change, my levels raised so much in those 3 months, when I did nothing different. That test was also taken on a trough day. I have a consultation soon, and i’m worried about them lowering my dose or putting me on an AI, because my FT is pretty high for a trough day, and my E2 was high, so lowering my dose would lower my FT and my E2 correct? which FT is the important factor here, so the clinic probably wouldn’t be as worried about my TT getting lower in order to correct my FT and E2? am i understanding this correctly or am I off? I want my levels to be high as they can with as little side effect, I have low self esteem, Low confidence, fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, lack of sexual desire, weak erections (I still have decent sexual desire, and erections, but nowhere near what i belive it should be for my age). I do feel pretty good some days, but only in the mornings, and then it tapers off and i feel like shit. The only signs that TRT is working, is my muscles have gotten bigger and stronger, and i’m getting alot of facial and body hair, but thats about it. Not many mental benefits at this point.

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