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Understanding My Bodyweight Fluctuation

Hi, I can’t figure out why my body fluctuates so drastically these photos are 12 days apart and 14 lbs different.

I figure im a heavy carb responder, is there any diets or ways to figure out what is causing such a drastic change in weight and water retention? my goal is to have visible abs, i dont want to be ripped ripped but i wouldnt mind for one time in my life to get something for the lady to enjoy.

i appreciate any help.

In these pictures it is obvious you are flexing in one and relaxed in the other. That is what is causing the difference.

I tried flexing in the first bit but inwas so bloated I had a hard time breathing if I’m honest. It affected my sex life negatively so thats why im asking.

How much does your hat weigh?

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I’d worry more about being so bloated that breathing is impacted rather than scale weight fluctuations. Maybe you are not dealing well with something that you eat. I wouldn’t jump on carbs immediately. If you really want to figure it out, get in touch with a nutritionist/health care professional that can help you screen for food insensitivities properly. If you want to do it yourself, rule out common irritants before you omit entire macros. Dairy (lactose). Gluten. FODMAP.


13.9 pounds

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Thats why I am worried I was taking mk677 and read bloat is super common discontinued it and still held weight. I don’t drink milk and I eat realistically clean 90 percent of the time just alot to keep my strength growing.

But on my relax days I eat carbs ie pizza and burgers and seem.to explode in weight. But I’ve cut it out month ago and had a 7 pound weight fluctuation instead of 14 ive been trying to figure this out for two months.

I’ll have to find a online nutritionist because where I live is in mandatory lock down due to covid and we even have a curfew so it makes it very hard to see anyone in person.

I don’t understand other countries health care systems but if you have labored breathing as a consequence of your eating then that would at least here qualify you to see a medical practitioner in person.

So, lots of gluten and sodium. A lot of people would hold water on that. Also, if it backs you up (constipation) then that means that what you continue to eat also adds to your weight (stool has weight too).

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i dont get constipated that or anything, literally it feels like all the weight is held in my mid section.
i go home from work in 2 days and this time home im going to cut carbs completely and try to source a nutritionist.

I have a personal trainer friend who suggested i could be hyper sensitive to carbs, i have a decent sodium intake all other times i take salt in the morning with a glass of water and drink 2 v8’s a day.

im hoping it is just carbs because he told me that makes it easy for cutting and bulking processes.

i appreciate you feed back and help.

I also dont understand my countries health care i wish it was private because i have the resources to fund it. i cant even get a endo to see me because of age, im literally harassing one by emailing by weekly for an opening.

When you get bloated like this and have a hard time breathing, do you also need to prop up at night to sleep?

Its more of a shortness of breath , like if I go to brace for a lift or take a deep inhale I can’t fully fill my lungs if that makes sense

Yeah, It does.

How much sodium do you get per day?

i take a teaspoon with a glass of water when i wake up, 312ml of V8 veggie blend and whatever comes on my food preseasoned, as i dont have much of a choice being in a remote mine camp.

Is there a reason for this?
That’s 6000mg of sodium, which can definitely contribute to bloat. V8 also has quite a bit of sodium (820mg/340ml serving) and if your meals are processed, that also probably has quite a bit

That may be a bit much.

I know it serves some purpose but too much can cause some people some real problems.

Any particular rationale behind that?

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I’m sorry to hear that.

Honestly, that is the worst thing I’ve ever read in my life.

Most real medical organizations wouldn’t recommend more than 2000 mg. of sodium per day.

Having some underlying conditions, that would literally kill me within days.

Different strokes for different folks, but I would stop that immediately and never do it again.


I lowered the dosage, this isnt the exact read i had but it was something i came up with quick. I’ll find the actual article but i will consider cutting it completely if i get rid of the bloat entirely.

i never want to feel that way again, it was similar to when i was 270 pounds and had trouble even getting off the couch without breathing heavy.

Yeah, that’s understandable. A lot of what you were describing reminded me of the accute heart failure I experienced after a myocardial infarction.

For that I was given an injection of a very strong diuretic (at a hospital) which quickly removed almost 20 lbs. of excess fluid, and made breathing and other life sustaining functions much easier within hours.


oh perfect, lol bout 8 months ago after i had sex i stood up and passed out good to know

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