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Understanding Mohammed

Blogger “Fjordman” reviews Ali Sina’s work here:

[quote]“I idealized an Islam conforming to my own humanistic values. Of course, my imaginary Islam was a beautiful religion. It was a religion of equality and of peace. It was a religion that encouraged its followers to go after knowledge and be inquisitive. It was a religion that was in harmony with science and reason. I thought science got its inspiration from this religion. The Islam that I believed in sowed the seeds of modern science, which eventually bore its fruits in the West and made modern discoveries and inventions possible. Islam, I used to believe, was the real cause of the modern civilization. The reason the Muslims were living in such miserable state of ignorance in comparison to the un-Islamic West was all the fault of the self-centered mullahs and the religious leaders who, for their own personal gain and dominance, had misinterpreted the real teachings of Islam. Muslims honestly believe that the great Western civilization has its roots in Islam. They recall great Middle Eastern scientific minds whose contributions to science have been crucial in the birth of Modern science.”

He mentions some of these scholars, like the mathematician and astronomer Omar Khayyam, the physician and alchemist Rhazes (al-Razi) and the physician and philosopher Avicenna (Ibn Sina), all of them worthy of respect. I should mention that they were all Persians, not Arabs, and that Rhazes in particular didn’t believe a word of Islamic teachings. He was a good scholar, but he wasn’t a good Muslim.[/quote]
All Persians, huh?

Najis? You mean people regarded as ‘unclean’?

Yep. There’s Surah 33.21 rearing its ugly head again:

Read it all.


Another good site if you want to read entire texts.


this is anoter one I have used for research. It seems to changed quite a bit since I last visited. You used to be able to find several translations laid out side by side. Amazing how different individual translations can be.

[quote]dhickey wrote:

Another good site if you want to read entire texts. [/quote]

That’s just Sahih Muslim. Here’s a better link:

Another interesting read. It looks like even former muslims agree with me about Islam.


I agree 100% with Ali Sina’s view that Islam cannot be reformed.