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Understanding Labwork Info

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this is very overwhelming for me, is there a simpler thread? i understand ksman tried to break it down but maybe i’m just an idiot when it comes to endocrinology. i will of course spend more time trying to educate myself, but for the time being i would like to just know what i need to test before i start my cycle. i’d like to go in tomorrow or later this week and get some work done if possible so i can start my cycle asap.

if anyone can break it down or just give me a dummy list i can show to the lab or compare to labs i find online that would be helpful :3

Some important tests before cycling would be, hematology ( hematocrit, hemoglobin, rbc, wbc,) cholesterol is just good to know reguardless… Testosterone total and free, estradiol, lh, and fh tests could come in handy as well. Make sure your blood pressure is good before starting as well. The thread is not really hard to read, you should be familiar with these things before starting so if you have issues you can make an informed decision instead of just listening to your probably retarded gym buddy