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Understanding EQ Half Life

I need help understanding EQ half life. So let’s say I start off week 1 with 600mg of EQ. The half life is 2 weeks. So after 2 weeks it will be at 300. Does that mean in Another 2 weeks it will be at 150? And then in another 2 weeks it will be at 75?
Next questions if I do 600mg week 1 and 600 week 2 and so on will it look something like this?

week 1 600mg

Week 2 450mg (from first shot. Half of the half life) + the 600mg (new shot) =1050

Week 3 300mg (first shot. The 2 week half life) + 450mg (from second shot) + 600mg (new shot) = 1350

Week 4 150mg (first shot) + 300mg (second shot) + 450mg (third shot) + 600mg (new shot) =1500mg

Week 5 75mg (first) + 150mg (second) + 300mg (third) + 450mg (fourth) + 600mg (new) =1575mg

Week 6 37.5mg (first) + 75mg (second) + 150mg (third) + 300mg (fourth) + 450mg (fifth) + 600mg (new) = 1612.5

And so on…

Is this correct or what have I done wrong? Doesn’t seem correct but I could use some help figuring this out.

The math looks right. Now EQ has a heavy ester, so to get an understanding of what the body sees, you can use a calculator.

google steroid plotter. This is showing mg release per day. You can see indeed that it ramps up over time (as shown in your math as well).

Thank you! Now how can I tell how long the compound will be in my body after I stop?

After (4) half lives you are generally clear with only 6.25% left in your body. Yes that’s 8 weeks…

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To me EQ really only makes sense in a B&C approach. Cycling seems like the wait to PCT would just be too brutal. I guess you could run Test P while the EQ clears, but it is also advisable to run EQ longer. Many would end up with a 20+ week cycle to make it work.

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I agree 100% with both points. I would def run the test out longer than the EQ but that’s a long ass time to be on high test.

Yes that’s what I do. I’m on TRT and add compounds once or twice a year.

Thank you sir

Equipoise half life is not as generally spoken 2 weeks but around 20 days!

Haven’t heard 20 days yet. Everything I look up says about 14 days. Can you provide a source?

By typing in the search engine “Equipoise half life” or “undecylenate ester half life” or “boldenone undecylenate half life” you will get bunch of not reliable sources like wiki & PEDs stores, there’re some sites like drugbank.ca too (which in this case is unfortunately wrong and gives no reference for this information). Here are my thoughts:

  1. Undecanoate half life is around 20 days for sure, many studies prove that (e.g. in this study it was between 18-24 days https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/j.1939-4640.1998.tb02086.x?sid=nlm%3Apubmed)

Just count carbon atoms (test undecanoate vs bold undecylenate):


The difference between the esters is just a double bond at C10=11, do you really think this little change modify the half life by 50%? Maybe it differs in metabolism by slightly another interaction with the active center of the esterase, but not that much!

  1. Equipoise was banned for human use in the late 70’s so you don’t expect me finding a reliable pharmacokinetic data! 14 days was probably calculated from it’s half-life in horses (around 5 days by the way), which is burdened with a huge error.

  2. Decanoate vs undecanoate changes terminal half-life by roughly 7 days - 7 days by adding a another carbon with 3 hydrogens… It’s hard to believe that just adding a double bond to undecanoate would make the same alternation.

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Thank you for the information man! Very informative. I love this forum lol.

The reason I’m asking in the first place is to see when I should go back to my cruise dose. I’m finishing up a 16 week EQ and Test blast. 500 Test 600 Eq. Running the Eq higher I don’t have to run an AI because for me (in MY body) EQ has a strong anti estrogen like effect. My E2 stays around 15-20 when I run EQ a little higher. The only thing is if I go back to a cruise dose to quickly the EQ will be much higher and crash my estrogen. (I’ve crushed my Estrogen running EQ twice as high as my test in the past with blood work to prove.)

Same shit here (I mean, struggling washing out bold right now). Equipoise metabolism leads to at least 2 AI metabolites:

  • 3,17-dione-androsta-1,4-diene (close to atamestane: 1-methyl-3,17-dione-androsta-1,4-diene),
  • 3,17-dione-androsta1,4,6-triene (known as ATD, from WADA report),

which are POTENT, irreversible aromatase inhibitors. Taking looooong EQ half-life into account, it makes very difficult for E2 to rebound… Can’t say for sure mate, but if you’ve been running 600 mg of EQ, it would take at least 2-3 months to get rid of EQ influence on E2! It’s a great compound on paper, but worth shit in reality, IMO. Never again.

I am no chemist, but adding a single carbon bond can almost completely change the the properties of a hormone. Isn’t the difference between testosterone and estrogen a single carbon bond (or something similar)? I am not saying your point about half life is wrong, just that the justification that a carbon bond couldn’t do it does not add up to me.

Well that’s not what I wanted to hear lol but I’m thankful for you passing on the knowledge I guess I’ll keep my test at 500mg for 3 weeks then slowly come down over another 3-5 weeks to my cruise. Then get bloods and see where I’m at.

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Sure, but we’re talking about an acid attached to a hormone, not about the hormone. This is a completely different story. Acids make our AAS esters influence on half-lives mainly due to change in lipophilicity of an entire molecule. In general, longer the chain = increase in lipophilicity = increased residuing time in muscle tissue (actual hydrolysis in the blood by esterases is a matter of minutes/hours). The best in the case is that lipophilicity elevates with bind unsaturation, so undecylenate should increase EQ t1/2 even more. I’m not a chemist but a pharmacist, and the knowledge above is rather a basic science, I don’t know where the BS come from but I don’t like it - so many crap informations circulate in AAS environment, I have to check everything on my own, which is so time consuming…

It looks like you’ve run similar blasts before? How long did you blast for and what were the results on these? I’m pretty interested in another blast this year.

So I’ve ran 2 blasts since I’ve started trt.

First blast Test 500mg for 14 weeks and anavar for 8 weeks

Second blast test at 500mg and EQ at 600mg for 16 weeks. (Best blast I’ve done)

I’ve done one other cycle in the past years back. It was Tren and test. I forget the doses but I can tell you the eq blast was my favorite. Less side effects then even the test only blast. Mostly because EQ has an anti estrogen like effect. (For me) not everyone gets that though.

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