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Understanding Blood Work?

So guys, I’ve got a cycle coming up and between using stronger AAS than in the past and the number of ancillaries I’m employing, I’d like to get bloodwork done post-cycle in the name of caution.

But the thing is, I’ve seen bloodwork results posted on other forums and they’re absolute gibberish to me. Even when provided with a normal range, I wouldn’t know what to do if I fell outside of the range because I have not idea the importance of the things measured.

Finding info on chemicals, stacks, etc. is easy, but has anyone found an explination of bloodwork in layman’s terms? Text or hyperlink, anything you guys got, I’d really appreciate it.

Yeah, I’d be interested as well. Just got a bloodtest back, and the doctor didn’t really explain too much. Heck, he didn’t even explain what my creatine kinase levels meant, even though they were through the roof (1000).

I tried looking for something explaining everything on a bloodtest, but it didn’t work. You’ll just have to individually search for whatever you want to find.

labtestsonline.org provides some good information for most blood tests.

Regarding the elevated creatine kinase, it is an enzyme contained in most cells. It is most abundant in muscle (skeletal, cardiac, etc). Damage to these tissues allows the enzyme to leak out and show up in the blood stream. The more tissue damage, the greater the level in the blood. They use this test clinically to evaluate heart attacks or assess muscle damage. In your case the elevation is most likly due to the muscle damage that occurs from heavy lifting.

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before you start your cylce go and get a base line test. get a hormone panel and everything you can think of. I went in a told my doc I was feeling run down and wanted to see if I was overtraining, the less your doc knows about training the easier it is, She gave me the paperwork to get the tests and didn’t even understand why i would want it. Now when I go off I will have a baseline to compare to and see if I have to keep going with the PCT or if I have recovered.


here’s an article for you to check out.