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Underhand or Overhand Bent Over Row


so i noticed that you can use more weight when doing an underhand grip, and that means more muscle are involved or in a better positioning.

does this mean that i should do underhand for lats now?


I like using different grips to hit a muscle from every direction. It's always nice to switch it up as well, so I'd say that you should do both.


You can do it both ways, and underhand will help get your bi's some additional activation on top of the direct work.

But don't get too sloppy with heavy weight if you are underhanding. And teh second you start getting elbow/joint discomfort, switch back to overhand.

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Ummm you're saying underhand is stronger...I've never seen anyone underhand rowing in the mid to high 400's for reps. Sure, some pro BBers could do that, but I've also seen a vid of Ronnie overhand rowing 585 for reps.

Anyways, I prefer overhand, for the reasons countingbeans mentioned. SOME people seem to get much more lat activation out of underhand; me, if I want lat activation, I'll just do pendlay rows, rack chins, or wide grip pullups.


I like doing both as well. For example, if I'm doing a pull day and I choose overhand rows, I'll do chin-ups that day...if I choose underhand rows, I'll do overhand pulldowns or pull-ups that day. I like to switch grip in the different planes. Maybe it's all psychological but I feel stronger for it.


Heavy Rows with an underhand grip are a great way to injure both Biceps and Brachioradialis




Because Evoluton decided to arrange muscles, tendons, joints and bones a certain way?

It's pretty easy to rupture your biceps doing DL too, thats why people are told to keep the elbows locked out, it's a biomechanically disadvantageous position with large shearing forces at the insertions points.


yeah you cant just tell me it does and expect me to believe you, lifting up stuff from floor and lifting ourself up should logically be the biceps best positions looking at it from an evolutionary perspective,as it's probably what it was being used for the most. explain to me how the movement is going to injure my bicep?


Did he say YOU were going to injure your biceps?

If youre asking these types of questions it's unlikely you'll ever get to the point where youre lifting heavy enough weight to injure anything.

Theres no debate that if someone is going to injure their biceps during rows it's when their hands are supinated.

Just be careful. Knowing the potential hazards of certain lifts is the only way to prevent injury, in most cases.


Did you not read what he wrote?

Don't be a shit head. Not one likes a shit head.

Seeing as I and H$M said basically the same thing, maybe you want to listen.


When your palms are facing up, your elbows point down and your arm is in the same position that you put them to do an arm curl. This position puts stress on the bicep, which is usually fine if you're holding a weight that you can armcurl. but if you are holding several hundred pounds in this position your bicep can be strained.
Do you really want to go through life without thinking and having everything explained to you like you are a retard?


I cant use underhand grip, I use overhand false grip (thumbs over bar on same side as fingers) and of course I use straps for the heavy sets (anything over about 110-115) I have gone up to 150 for 5 reps but tend to stick to ~120-130 for 6-8 reps for 4-5 sets..
If I use thumbs under (i.e. normal grip) it messes with my elbows.

You can use more weight on underhand as it allows you to use the elbow flexors to better advantage, but as others have noted it can put a lot of stress on the bicep tendons.


I'm not an expert but I like to do 4 sets of BB rows. 2 underhand and 2 overhand to get a nice pump. Maybe more if I'm feelin' good.


you seriously use straps for 115


Yeah ,sorry I should have said all weights in kg. 115kg = 253lb, ~120-130kg = ~264-286lb