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Underground Strength Coach?


Has anyone subscribed to this? The ebook package is way too expensive, but I was thinking about subscribing since it's only like $13. I know most of it's a ripoff.


A guy I know subscribed to it and he thinks it's great and got a lot from it. $13 is nothing if you get a couple of good ideas for your training and it helps you improve towards your goal. Besides, $13 won't get you much these days.


A dime bag, 4 tacos and a drink from Jack in the Box.

I wouldn't know anything about that, though.


usc is a very good site. If you want to new idea on training/conditioning


I didn't know they did dime bags nowadays. Back in the day that would've bought you half an OZ. Of course, the shit was weaker then.


I tried it for a few months, downloaded some articles and tips and got what I wanted out of it, then I canceled my membership.


Preaching to the choir there Nate Dogg. Exactly what I did. He has some good ideas. Being an aspiring MMArtist I found some of his stuff had a great carryover effect to my MMA game.