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Underground Hip-Hop


Is there anybody else on here who refuses to listen to mainstream? My personal favorites are from Seattle.

Common Market
Blue Scholars



I don't "refuse" to listen to mainstream but it just so happens that 90% of anything that's ever been popular on a radio station is probably complete shit, and that goes back 5-6 decades.

I know some local people and a lot of quiet MCs out East, not familiar with much going on from Seattle though.

I like "underground" beats but I also like a lot of polish on top. Call it backpack if you want to, but I usually prefer beats reminiscent of 9th, Khrysis, Premier, etc.

But again, that's not to say I don't have a small collection of REALLY 'underground' shit. It's just usually not all that great, haha.


Chip the Rip ERRRRR


Just so you know, I'm going to load this thread up with 50 Cent and Lil Wayne videos just like the backpack rappers do to my "mainstream rap" threads.


racks on racks on racks


Here's some hot shit you guys might have heard on the underground circuit.


This one would totally be a hit if those dipshit mainstream rap fans would get they heads out they asses and listen to the truth.


Here's another one I heard some white guy with thick eyeglasses and skinny jeans listening to on the subway home from Brooklyn.


I love the lyrical depth in this one. This guy really knows whats up in the hood, not like them mainstream guys livin in they fancy ass houses in Connecticut.


And, just to show how eclectic and intelligent and educated I am (even though I still talk street), here's another one from an up and coming English group that has nothing to do with this topic at all.

This is some real shit, ya heard...




I hate this pretentious air to "underground" hip hop. The foundation of Hip hop is and always has been a DJ, two turntables, a break beat, and an emcee. If all are on point, you don't need more than that. It's raw, and raw is hip hop, from spray painting on walls, to breakdancing. Once you add the luster of production and what not, it loses something in my opinion.

Lil Wayne is often maligned, but I've heard lil Wayne absolutely kill some verses, and I've also heard enough pop shit out his mouth to make me sick. But once hip hop went mainstream, the pop shit for the masses, fueled by the money that follows, was not far behind or hard to predict.

Chip the Ripper? Hip hop? For real?


Agreed on both counts. I used to listen to loads of smif n wessun, wu tang, gangstarr/dj premier, early nas etc. It's what's 'good' is the important thing. Some underghround is shit. Also, I used to hang around hip hop clubs when i was younger, stupider, used to fight more. 1 thing I noticed: most Underground-hiphop playing clubs (at least where I was) - if you turned the lights on, it could have been a gay club. NO WOMEN.

Mind you it could have actually been a gay club now I think of it lol....

But seriously, mainstream makes women wanna get drunk in clubs, dance, have sex with me... so I say mainstream is ok, on a Saturday night.


Both these posts are hilarious!


Women don't want to hear "hip hop" when they are out. They want to dance. Period. The shit I consider hip hop and listen to, is not very "danceable".

Surprised to hear you mention Smif & Wessun...sound boi burial :slight_smile:

"come around my block find a nice spot in a pine box..." lol

there's a live clip of it on youtube; they killed it.


Tech N9ne... crazy talent, not sure as far as his undergroundness % though.


Ever heard of Eyedea & Abilities? Eyedea is one amazing emcee along with his dj Abilities:


I saw Eyedea like 8 years ago. Dude is sick. I will concur with the underground scene lackin pu55y, and the mainstream stuff IS good for nightclubs. As far as "mainstream" 50's early stuff is good, jay-z is good, there IS good stuff and there is garbage in both realms.

As far as "underground", who I have been feeling latley is

Reks (produced by DJ premier atm, awesome stuff!)
crooklyn dodgers
tech 9
pete rock (ok, OLD school)
Wilk (local pgh dude)
cannibal ox
action bronson


Yeah glad you appreciate it also, I love all that boot camp clik stuff, along with MOP I always listen to it when training, perfect attitude, steele and sean price used to box i think, and it shows


You mean "blu" as in Blu & Exile?