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Underfilled Vials


My UG vials are supposed to have 10ML in them but have more like 8.25 ML. Is this common? Just wondering what others' experiences have been. It pisses me off because now I may have to shorten my cycle by 2 weeks.


How do you know? You measured out the oil? Or does it just look under filled? Some UGLs use 15ML vials and 10ML looks under filled in them. It's always wise to buy extra when using UGL. Cases like this aren't uncommon.


I'm at the end of my vial, that's how I know. I should still have one more week left in it and there's just a drop left. It is a larger vial so I wasn't concerned until recently when I was approaching empty.


In that case, it was way under filled then. It would be a different story if it was lacking only .5cc or so because sometimes we suck up a little more than we should when drawing. Always better to follow the Boy Scouts motto and have extra on hand.



Most people make stashes of a wide variety of drugs incase they need them.

I have everything, I have a drawer literally full of pills, bottles, vials, needles, tubes, everything.

My friends joke that I run a goddamn underground pharmacy, I have everything.


from what I've read its suggest to have an buffer of everything involved in the cycle. I haven't seen numbers but +5-10% for misshaps, breaks, and under filled vials/amps.


Yeah, I have more in stock but I didn't want to get into that. I guess I will now but it pisses me off. I'm sitting here thinking that this stuff is probably underdosed, now I'm finding out its underfilled too! Come on! But yes, it's the UG black market, bla, bla, bla...


give us a clue to the company plz.. initials perhaps?

It is conceivable for the amounts lost in the syringe luer and in the needle (especially in the wider gauge and longer lengths as is common in IM injections) to be grossly miscalculated.

Also consider the fact that low grade syringes are so commonly used by those who wont use an exchange, where the measure marks may not be as accurate as necessary - it is definitely possible to lose as much as one ml from the 'consumption' of 20-40ml during the length of a standard cycle employed by the users here - which would actually be around 2-5% loss.

And i too generally have more than the necessary amount.. this is more a logistical thing over sensibility however.
I know many do make sure to have plenty of Test, Nolvadex and Letro in stock at all times mind you..


I wouldn't think that much would be lost in the needle, etc. Perhaps, but well over 1 ml in a supposedly 10 ml vial? That would be more like 15%.


I doubt anyone would lose that much. When I fill my B12 vial with 10ML I know there's 10ML in there to start. After 9 draws there's a little less than 1ML left due to user error. Even so, I've never lost more than .5ML due to my own negligence. He's lost close to 2ML. It smells funny if you ask me.


I just ran into the same problem. I never had this issue with my pharm gear, but my UGL was only around 8.75ml. I stash my gear with my boys shit, I though he was pinchin my stuff, but the same thing happened to him and he thought I was pinchin his!


the same has happen to me sometimes. supposed to get 20 but only 18 and a half sometimes, from a-s ugl


Probably more of a supplier thing than a source issue. I have had the same thing with B-Dragon products. I think thier QC has gone in the toilet lately.


I actually wrote a 1ml loss from at least 20-40ml.. but anyway.

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