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Underdosed Sustanon250?


Hello guys,
i need help from experienced users od AAS.
I am using sustanon 250 for 3 weeks 500mg.
I have done a blood test and my totat testosterone is 59 nmol/L.
Even its about twice higher than normal range i wonder can it be underdosed?
I am doubtfull because my friend told me that using 500mg of test should show about 150-200nmol/L.
if anyone know something about this pls help me.


Are you injecting once per week?

How long after your last injection did you get blood drawn?


Sustanon is a blend of like 4 different test esters. One of which has a super long half life. Week by week it will build. and since there are a lot of short esters in it. it should be injected relatively often


2timer per week bro 2x250mg.
i did blood test about 12h after last inj.


i know exact what is sust sir.
i am just curious about the relationship between
injected sust in mg and test level in blood.
Does it mean that if you inject more mg per week u should have higher test levels?


if you know this, then you should know that 3 weeks is not enough time for your test blood level to peak, and you wouldn’t have asked the question.

And yes, if you inject more you will have higher test levels. Why wouldn’t you? That’s a pretty dumb question, honestly.


Ok mr.flipcollar thanks for explanation.
i just dont have too much expirience in that, and its not bad to ask i guess?
i was on test depo before 500mg per week and than my test level was 103nmol/l (way bigger then now) but the blood test was made 5-6week after start of the cycle, so ur answer does make sence.
thanks again and sorry for my “dumbness”


@damba am interested in this as I’ve recently attempted my first cycle after being on TRT for a couple of years and my test level came back at 59mmol also.

I say attempted as I feel I’ve had no real gains from the cycle. Would anyone else be able to provide blood test results whilst on a similar 500mg per week cycle for comparison? Honestly I was expecting more than 59mmol. My bloods were drawn 10 weeks after supposedly being on a 500mg per week blast.


gains depends more from how ur diet is.
i gaind about 5kg in four weeks and loose bf.
the only thing im not satisfied is sex drive


You achieved that 5kg gain whilst losing fat on the test depot gear when your test was in the hundreds or on the current gear that has your bloods at 59mmol?


On the current gear which is 500mg sustanone per week.
p.s Its not mmol but nmol.


Hell of a difference to the lack of results I’ve had on my first cycle :confused: