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Underdosed Gear... Early PCT?

I’m coming off a shitty underdose or other wise crap cycle–it was…

dbol- 30mg a day…ended up losing weight
test e -500 per week for 10 wks- noticed a LITTLE benefit in size and some shrinkage of the boys
var 50 mg a day- seems to be doing nothing

added in 1T-Tren and that kicked like hell- i liked it a lot…

i did a dbol/ omndren 250 run 10 yrs ago what was out of this world and legit stuff- this time was UG all the way.

anyway…i have adex and nolva- both liquid- on hand and im wondering if i should start up? my last inject was 2 weeks ago and im soft lost some of my original size i had before the cycle and im just not at my best right now…due to what i THINK was under dosed stuff, would it be ok to start pct now? if so at standard doses? i should mention im 40…


Yes, it’s time to start PCT if you’ve gone two weeks since your last test e (?) injection. Run the nolva at the standard 40/40/20/20.

That’s too bad about your gear. Nothing worse than a waste of time and money. But there is definitely still very good quality UG available, so hopefully things will be successful for you next time.