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Underdeveloped Upper Body/Overdeveloped Legs


So this will sound weird, but everyone around me says that I have ridiculously developed legs and ass and how it ruins my physique. It recently started to bother me because every goddamn week people advise me to "thin" my legs as if I could voluntarily atrophy my legs while developing my upper body. However, that being said my lower body responds to training MUCH better than my upper body.

After I finished Stronglifts, my Squat increased from 95 to 245 for 5 reps while my bench press increased from 55 to 100. I am currently following HCT-12 and I squat once per week and don't do ANY other knee-dominant exercise and my legs still grow, albeit a bit slower than my upper body this time due to the volume. Also the same problem applies to my ass.

My lower body develops very fast compared to my upper body and this apparently pisses some people off. Normally, I could stop squatting but I love squats too much to drop them. What can/should I do to balance my physique apart from stopping squatting/deadlifting?








You might want to try not being as weak as my 14 year old sister.




Lol waitasecond....I don't care how weak your upper body is, I contend that with only a 245x5 squat (barring something serious, like missing a kneecap), it is not possible to have a "dominant" lower body. jeez kid.


...He did say he benches 100.

If you are real, the answer should be obvious...

Get better at pressing and pulling. In case this seems magic, you could take up Yoga.


Some people think you're a troll or lying. I don't because I had the same problem when I first started.

When I first started I was 170lbs with 16 inch calves (I'm 6'5) and 25 inch quads, 13 inch arms to. Also had 42 inch hips (around butt).

Now I'm 265lbs with 17.5 inch calves and 18 inch arms, quads are now 27 inches hips are 43.

Just keep plugging away at your upper body. I worked out my legs once every two weeks, if that. Some people are gonna say, well why? Well, I looked retarded and my upper body needed to catch up.

The only thing I for leg workouts were heavy squats and low volume. I'd generally work up my max triple. My legs are still fairly strong (have squatted 525). I still dead lifted regularly.

Just keep trying to get stronger on all your upper body lifts. Eat well and be consistent.







I have never squatted more than 60kgs and I have 26.5-27inch (depends on day) quads and my arms are only 15+". And out of 15 months of training I trained legs for only 8-9 months. I'm overall weak, but my upper body is stronger than legs, yet they're so much bigger. I can db curl 20kgs for reps, bench press is small (80kg for 3 reps on incline), row 80kg for reps. I know that's weak, but it's still more in comparison to legs. But op should just increase upper body strength.
In before you flame me, I know what you mean, that if you're that small, then you can't have anything dominant. But even if I'm small, legs aren't that small, dwarfing the sh** out of my upper body.
So the point of my post is: if I squat even less than him, that doesn't mean I can't have dominant legs size-wise.


where the hell are the people coming from?




Lol I think the point is that beginners don't need to prioritize... they just need to find a program that hits everything and get bigger everywhere. Surprise surprise, plenty of them have gaps in their training.


oh man . i dont have pictures of myself so the last thing i'd do is run down someone.

but this phenomenon of 5'10 170lbs 14 inch arms non ripped newbs who just started working out saying how their lower body dwarfs their upper body when they have zero mass in lower, upper ,side, rear, you name it, is redicilous.

train your fucking legs and the rest of your body. come back with freaky parts dwarfing when you add 70-100lbs of bodyweight beef and a 5 plate squat, and stop "sculpting" your body proportions with a dime a side bench press. last thing we need is people stop training their legs when they hit 225 for 5 reps 1/8 squat with a belt.


First of all, the 245x5 was done 7 months ago and although this is nothing spectacular I currently squat 335x6, which just in case is high bar narrow stance ass to grass. Even then, however, my bench is still stuck at 205x6. I currently run HCT-12, to which I can say I respond pretty well, but I think I will reduce the volume of the squats and follow a different protocol on them exclusively, perhaps this http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/a_6week_squat_bench_or_deadlift_program or

I don't think of changing my program any time soon, though, I've had enough of program hopping.

Thanks for those who responded seriously.


LOL why would you provide non-current numbers?

And if you respond well, don't change anything. If you are not getting results, make changes. Based on the fact that your bench is 'stuck at 205x6,' then are you really responding well to the program?


Is your real name Jay Lo


x2 lol