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Underdeveloped Back Muscle PLEASE RATE

please rate my back, muscular not muscular and advise where I can improve and how. My physio told me you cant tell I lift weights from the back as I have underdeveloped muscle in comparison to the front.

Back aint gonna grow without food. Eat more and lift heavy…

im not sure if its just the shadowy lighting but only your shoulders look decent, back and arms all look fairly small, follow the advice given above, it never fails, and if you dont already fit pull ups and chin ups into your workouts

Thanks will try and get extra calories in,already lifting heavy (for me anyway),e.g deadlifts 200kg chins 4-5 sets of 10-12 also do 1 arm rows and pully rows

Mirin’ T3 and Christmas tree. You’re pretty well developed, its just time for a serious bulk brah!

I’m not going to give you a numerical rating because that won’t be very helpful:

Shoulders are way more developed than anything else from the back. You need a bit more triceps and a lot more biceps for arm balance.

Leanness looks good from the back, thickness is your problem. Deadlifts are a great start, but you need to be doing lots of rowing (upright and bent-over). I recommend a balance between going lighter in weight and really squeezing the muscles at the top of every rep to learn how to feel your back working and the heavier stuff like DLs. That should help you get more out of stuff like DL’s. I like power cleans for thickness as well, but similarly to DL’s you’ll need to learn how to recruit/feel your back muscles before you get much size from going heavier.

You could use more lat width too (stuff like chins and pulldowns- the seated ones and straight-arm stuff will help). But again, you should really be squeezing hard at the peak contraction of each rep and learning how to feel your muscles work. I’d say your thickness is worse than your width though.

Make sure your nutrition is solid or you’re SOL though.

You just look like you dont eat enough, and hit the gym. Kinda like a christian bale Machinist with a bit of muscle…id probably start eating.

Looks fair. Nothing unusual. Is there an injury or other reason for your concern or just aesthetics? If no injury, I would suggest rack pulls from about 4" below knee level. That and heavy DB rows. Also a pullup routine would be of service to your lats.

[quote]crazyj23 wrote:
Back aint gonna grow without food. Eat more and lift heavy…[/quote]

^^^^^^^^^ What he said ^^^^^^^^^^

I would say your arms, i.e. Bi’s & Tri’s lack more than your back does.

back actually looks pretty good, like the poster said above, eat some more and you should fill out. One arm DB rows are excellent for thick lats. Don’t forget to switch grips around when doing pullups and rows.

Where are your spinal erectors? Your deadlift muscles?

Thats what jumps out at me first. Put some meat on them.
Eat. Deadlift. Hypers.