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underarm sweat

anyone else have ridiculous underarm persperation? i work in an office, so the sight of seeing soaked armpits isn’t the greatest thing to boast…

any remedies? ive read botox injections, but anything else that works? OTC?


I used to have the same problem. There’s some stuff out there called Certain Dri, it’s a roll on liquid that you put on before bed and it stops you from pit sweating for 24-36 hours. It’s awesome stuff, I no longer have to wear a t-shirt under a t-shirt, yellow stains on shirts etc. I only have to use one light layer of deoderant for smell and that’s it. You don’t need a prescription for it any more, just ask for it at the pharmacy counter at Walgreens or someplace like that, it’s about 10 bucks and lasts a month or so.

Drisol works as well. Found behind the counter at the pharmacist. If you need something stronger, you can get a prescription for Pro-panthenol from your doctor. It’s in capsule form and will lessen perspiration all over your body. I’m currently using it.

I have this problem also, it’s a condition called Hyperhydrosis…

I’ve tried all the underarm applications and they’ve all worked for a time but after a while they stop working.

I used to take a pill orally but the side effects with that were that my mouth went dry, extremely dry…

I went to see a dermatologist to see what could be done. You can have botox injections at the site of the sweating but I think it only lasts for a few weeks to a few months.

The other option was to remove the sweat glands but this meant you had to have your lungs deflated one at a time before the operation to remove them.

Once this operation took place there was no guarantee that the profuse sweating wouldn’t move to another place - groin, feet, hands whatever…


Certain Dri worked for me. By the end of the day I would be soaked about half way down my shirt! I could only wear shirts that did not show it. Certain dri cleared it up almost immediately. Been three years now and I use it about every fourth night. Walgreens has it in the deodorant section.

Shave your pits!

I had this same problem.Only it turned out not to be sweat like you normally think, I was allergic to the formula in anti-perspirant deodorant,I think it is aluminum they use in it or some other mineral,I’m not really sure.I switched to just plain deodorant and haven’t had the rings under my arm since.

I switched from antiperspirant to deodorant a few years ago and it reduced my sweating almost completely. That sounds backwards, but that was my experience. Now I only sweat noticably when I’m working out.

I used to sweat like a mofo but about 2 months ago i developed seborrhic (sp?) dermatitis in both my pits. Not really sure why, but as soon as that cleared up I barely sweat anymore at all. And when I say ‘sweat like a mofo’ I mean wearing an undershirt and folded up paper towels in each pit only to have sweat soak through 2 hrs later.

Use Secret unscented, or ocean breeze if your in the mood, it’s ph balanaced for a man but made for women.