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Underarm Issues


Hey guys I was wondering if anyone might have had experience with an issue I've been dealing with for sometime. I've only been lifting for around 6 months and don't have a ton of experience so my knowledge is limited as to what are typical issues associated with weightlifting.

Anyways, I've been experiencing a discomforting feeling under my right armpit, along my ribcage. Whenever I let my arms hang down like a normal person, it feels like my right arm is rubbing against a lumpy material under my arm.. It's been driving me crazy! At first I thought it had something to do with my ribs, and I went to the doc and had x-rays and whatnot, but all came back negative.

I'm 5'6 and weight 180lbs. right now, which is the heaviest I've ever weighted in my life, and I'm beginning to wonder if it may just be a stubborn fat pocket. It's just strange because it doesn't bother me on my left side, only the right. One other things I've noticed is that when I lift my arms straight in the air above my head and feel along my side, it almost feels as if my ribs are sticking out moreso on one side than the other...

It's not causing me any kind of intense pain by any means but it is very annoying and I'd like to come to a conclusion about what measures I can take to remedy it. I stopped lifting for a period of time when I was going to the doc because I didn't want to hurt anything that may have already been agitated... If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate your input..



Are you sure it isn’t just your muscles getting bigger?


Breast cancer. No really. Get it checked. might be something up with your lymph nodes and/ or lymphedema.


Thanks for the replies guys, although it’s not a lump in the sense of a swollen lymph node… I’ve had doctors check it out and it’s never raised any red flags about anything particularly harmful. One doctor told me I had Costochondritis and my muscle was just swollen, and then I had another dismiss that notion outright. I’ve had everything done save an MRI for cost reasons, and the tests came back normal. I suppose it could be the muscle getting larger, although it would seem strange that there is such a noticeable difference on one side versus the other…all of my chest/shoulder exercises have been barbell : flat bench/shoulder press and bowflex flys, so I don’t feel like one side is necessarily outworking the other on basic isolated motions.

One other thing I have noticed that when I look at myself in the mirror, it appears as if (and this might be my imagination) that my ride sight pec kind of sits lower than my left side by a small amount. I don’t know if this is related or if it’s just a screwy proportion in my physique dictated by my genes.


Probably just an uneven lat. Though I imagine a doctor would recognize that easily.

On a side note how is your posture?


I’ve never had any other issues arising from my posture, so I don’t believe it would be an attributing factor, but I don’t know. My only options at this point, as I don’t have any health insurance, are limited. I’ve been trying to do a HIIT program to shed some pounds, hoping that maybe if I lose some of the extra fat around my chest and arms, the problem will alleviate itself. If anyone else has any ideas please let me know! Thanks!