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'Under the Influence of Steroids'




Didn't I just read this in another thread?

Steroids are still being vilified. No real news.


Love the comments "The only thing he said was, where is Sarah Connor?"


4 handcuffs.

Alright, hand, feet....

What else?


LOL a "steroids and OTHER DRUGS"

This is why I don't watch much tv programming. It isn't making people smarter.


I'm gonna go beat up my gf...she's been taking roids

Ima get her before she gets me


Dude, tell us that isn't your bike.


Did you read the headline? "Couple Badly Injured After Bodybuilder Attack" Hysterical!!! I have the jaws theme in my head, like they where at home when "du na du na du na" when out pops Franco Columbo out of the floors and bites the husband in two. I know I have an over active imagination


"it took four police officers, two stun gun blasts and four sets of handcuffs to restrain him."

Gotta love that functional muscle mass, i bet he used crossfit


Well, Imma gonna say it, if a 300lbs naked dude is on my doorstep when I get home, "confronting him" is not the course of action that would immediately come to my mind.


Unless you've got a shotgun. Shooting him with a pistol will only make him mad.


Why Franco. it said a 300lb bodybuilder. not a little munchkan thats about 180lbs.


Why would I shoot him?

He is supposedly just sitting there....

Um... naked....

So obviously he is kind of upset, I could offer him a blanket and a nice warm cup of tea?


This whole story is dumb. Clearly had the couple practiced MMA, no 300lbs bodybuilder would be a match for them.


Yeah well, he was on the ROIDZ!!!

Probably also on PCP, coke and adrenaline directly injected into his heart, but the ROIDZ made him do stuff.

I bet he heard the voice of Rich Gaspari, telling him to do unspeakable things.


Aren't birth control pills technically steroids?




"Police didn't say what started the beef, but they suspected Arzu was juiced up on steroids and other drugs."



Probably two sets of hand cuffs attached to each other to bind his hands behind his back. Bigger guys cant always get their hands within 3 inches of each other. Muscle or fat.


Yes. And so is cholesterol.

Anabolic androgenic steroids are a specific category of roids.