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Under Dosed Cycle?

I am pretty sure i have been running underdosed gear now 3 months and been on 300mg/week, this is my first cycle, so im gonna increase it to 500mg now, how long till it takes effect ? Test cyp.

Maybe four weeks. But it doesn’t ever actually “kick in”. It’s not cocaine. You don’t really feel it. Changes are much more subtle.

Just for academic purposes, let’s explore the whole under dosed hypothesis. Explain why you believe that to be the case. Then give your height/weight/body fat, describe your macros and how many calories you’re currently eating vs what you were eating before you started. Thanks.

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Alot of people say the current shit contains like 200mg/ml and my S-test was 58 after injecting 1ml and lab 24 hours from it. If it would be 300 like it says, or even 250, it would be higher than 58. Just the thing i want to know since my first cycle and been on 3 months and mostlikely only on 300mg/week, i will pump it now to 500, so how long it does take to see effects? 200mg increase for a “virgin” like me should make “big” differense… i have been pinning E5D so do i just start the bigger dose from the next injection? pinned yesturday, so 4 more days and time to inject again.

First, 58 what? Units?

Second, are you should it would be over 58 whatevers?

You can buy a test kit on Dave Palumbo’s website. It’ll check concentration now. I’ve never seen anyone use that, so if you do, please let us know how it goes/results

You shpuld have just done 500mg to start. 300mg isn’t really going to do much anyway at least not over a short period. Even for virgins…

Pinning five days apart is not how it’s done. Notice no stats were listed.

i would have done 500 like i said but the gear is underdosed, so i will add now and go from 300 to 500. i should have been now on 500 but apparently been like 300mg.

what is the problem pinning E5D many does it. Not all do 2x week. Cyp is long ester and half like 7-8 days…

i dont know the english terms, but S-test 50-60 indicated like 200mg/ml week strenght dosage.

Like if the Lab range for normal is 8-32 Nmol. or what the unit is.

If you talking about 58 nmol/L and your pinning 500mg a week, bloods done 24 hours after last injection and pinning every 5 days, your gear is fine.

How much are you pinning every 5 days?
Change the frequency to 250mg every 3.5 days so you don’t have big fluctuations in T.

To be honest, seeing as you’ve ignored the request for stats I would guess that it has nothing to do with your test dosage and more to do with your diet and training.
Believe it or not AAS won’t make up for shitty diet and training.

Also just to add, if you’ve been on cycle for 12 weeks you should be thinking about coming off and your pct. Not increasing dosage.


Thanks for reply. Yes i have been pinning 1.2ml/E5D now for 2 months. But 58nmol/L is not even near what it should be with 500mg… it is more like 200mg dose at week, i took this test when i pinned 1ml/300mg for the first month. Been pinning E5D since start, it has been ok for me, my bloodwork is BETTER than ever before in my life, what is realy wierd. Ldl 2.4, Hdl 1.1, Hemo 146 (been 164-175 whole my life) E2 sensitive method 0.18, like absolutelu no impact to my E2… hematocrit 43%… Took these 2 weeks ago. I am going on test rest of my life, so not doing pct, I started my own “trt” since my S-test have been last 5 years 12-15.4 Nmol. For the stat aspect, i have been gaining 20 kgs, in last 13 weeks, still see my Abs, very little to no bloating at all.

Maybe i have been winning at the Genetics lottery?

But yeah, with 250mg/week dose it should be like S-test 55-60 Nmol/l

I’m telling you, your gear is fine. Seriously. If you had the blood test done in the first month then your test wouldn’t have reached a steady level yet. Plus if you’ve gained 20kg in the last 13 weeks and you werent stick thin at the start then 300mg likely wouldn’t do that.

Thanks again. I dont know why i choosed to pin E5D… I could change it now ? for like - > monday 0.6 and thursday 0.6… My last bloodtest was year ago, and now when i took it 2 weeks ago, my results was those i posted, better than in my whole life… wierd.

If your gear is 200mg/ml then pin 1.25ml twice per week.

But seriously, at 13 weeks you should be considering finishing your blast and coming back down to your TRT dose. I’ve noticed once getting to the 12-14 week mark gains really start to taper off and it really isn’t worth running any longer.

With your TRT I would suggest you pin every 3.5days as well.

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The gear should be 300mg/ml but the problem is i think it is more like 200mg/ml… according to the S-test result. And for the gains, i see only up going… hitting more reps and weight every single training day.

As I mentioned above I believe your test is fine.
I miss read the comment above where you mentioned you were pinning 1.2ml every 5 days.
Pinning with that frequency you will have a lower top end on your test levels. This is why you believe your test is underdosed.

For 500mg a week you should be pinning roughly 0.85ml every 3.5 days.
For your TRT dose, if your running 100mg weekly you should be pinning roughly 0.35mg every 3.5 days.

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Allright, I did 500mg/w Cypionate, started june. The first 10ml vial had maybe the dose of test it should be, everytime i injected i got swetting that lasted 5-10 mins, and my body was hot for 5 weeks, i dont mean fever now. I felt like superman from the very first injection, all my anxiety and other symptoms went away and i had super energy. But the last 3, 10 ml vials… eather they have contained no test at all, or like 1/5 what it should be. Now my energy is super low, tired all the time, no libido at all, no motivation and no appetite… i have lost 15 pounds in Month. I took bloodwork 4 weeks ago, All was in perfect range, also, my HB was 146… if stuff is “ok” my hemo would not be so low… Tomorrow i will go take full bloodpanel and like +40 tests, including E2 and Testosterone. I am quite sure my Testosterone is below 10 Nmol… I also switch to another brand with good source, and will start it next week.