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Under Armour

Hi, do you guys have any opinions on these shirts? they sure look cool… But can they take the grating and scraping of the barbell when squatting? Anybody know a good online store that ships overseas? I live in Singapore.


I have four of the ‘heat gear’ type shirts, which fit tightly. They are the greatest. You sweat right through them, and if there’s any air moving at all, it feels like air conditioning. Also great for a day at the beach in and out of the water getting sun-fried. I haven’t noticed a tendendency for them to rough up from squats, but I don’t get much scraping from that exercise.
For outdoor cardio, get a black one for cool weather and light colors for summer.

Due to the nature of the fabric required to get proper sweat wicking, they’re quite sheer. If you have very deep/sharp knurling on your bars, I could see them getting shredded a bit. If your bars are fairly smooth, I doubt it’d be a problem.

I have bought several UA shirts myself and love them. However when doing squat I do not wear them since I noticed a little sheer on the back of the newck on one of my shirts recently. But other than that it’s top quality.

nylo… the heat gear… arent they for cold weather… we are as tropical as it gets here in singapore

CaptnJ, the heat gear is for warm weather. If you go to the site, you’ll see that the cold gear has long sleeves and hoods for sale, while the heat gear is short sleeves and sleeveless T’s.

On that same note, I just ordered a black T-shirt from them last night. Can’t wait for it to come in. This is the beauty of this forum and the people here. Without it, I’d have never known about UnderArmour and wouldn’t have heard some great testimonies from people I trust.

High quality stuff.

I own three of the perfomance gray shirts. They go with everything and sooo comfortable.

I also have a pair of the silver shimmer shorts. I love these.

Finally, I invested in a pair of the UA skivvies. And they feel oh so good; the same stuff the shorts are made of. Beats the snot out a’ Fruit a’ da’ Loom!

Ah yes… my mistake… heat gear is right for us ppl in the tropics… cool “comic book superhero” colors too:) haha

ok looks like i got to get some of these!! Now about sizing… im 5’8 188lb waist 31’. What size is that? I really cant try them on cause i dont know anywhere in singapore that they are sold…

thanks for any help!!

They have sizing listings on their website, you can cross reference chest circum., that’s the big one.

As for locations to buy them, I have no idea. I thought you could only get them from their website, but perhaps not.