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Under Armour T-Nation Shirts


So the current shirts are great. Cotton is great - nothing against it - I lift heavier wearing it I think (especially in a pullover hoodie like Tate). But I'm just thinking how sick T-Nation branded under armour would be.

Any chance?


That would be nice.


They should only come in L +


I think it would be gay, personally.


Can't squat in an under armour shirt


You don't workout naked? Even I do at the university gym.


How much would you be willing to pay for one of these shirts?

They wouldn't be cheap to make.


I'm assuming we're talking about the tight fitting type shirts,they're aren't expensive. $35 CAD plus shipping or go to the store.

Sport-chek, $35 CAD.

$35 CAD isn't unreasonable.


Yeah, except at champs I buy workout shirts 3 for $20.


^^The tight fitting under armor shirts are gay


Shhh! I like those...


They'll be plenty cheap to make to be able to profit from the cost. It's the cost to the end user that will be high.


Why not just buy one and take a picture of what you want from T-Nation to a place that does lettering for jersey's and pay a few bucks to do it yourself?


Yeah why not just buy the shirt yourself, steal the companies trademarked logo and have it printed on the shirt yourself! That's a great idea. I'm sure Biotest would love that considering all the free articles they're pumping out for us.


Haha. The tight ones are undershirts. They shouldn't be worn as a regular shirt by people who isn't an athlete or isn't huge (not fat huge. That would be disturbing to see in one of those shirts)


I'm not suggesting that he print multiple shirts and sell them, but as someone already said, the end cost to the consumer would be pretty high, so a DIY shirt would be the easiest thing to do, especially since the Under Armour shirts tend to divide people into 2 camps: "Those shirts are gay" and "Those shirts are not gay." I don't think there is a large enough market for Biotest to offer a shirt like that.

Also, as far as I know (and I'm no expert), I'm pretty sure it would fall under a fair use copyright argument.


Let the record show: the loose fitting under armor shirts are officially on the "Not Gay" list.


what makes under armor shirts any better than a regular t-shirt? I'm a cheap bastard so I've never bought one.


I agree on the can't squat in underarmour. I generally wear cheap cotton hoodies. But when it's above, say, 60F outside I sweat balls in cotton and so underarmour's good for hanging out in.

x2 L loose fitting


They're comfortable with a good cut to them. They're quality shirts that will last a really long time (unless you grow out of them) they whick away sweat nicely.

I'm sure a lot of other brands do the same but I like my UA loose fits. I don't like a "silky" feeling shirt and I'm not a fan of cotton shirts really cause when I get sweaty they stick to me and it just sucks ya know?