Under Armour Recharge (any Scientific Support?)

Anyone seen science to back up their claims?


There’s been tons of studies on this. It doesn’t do anything noticeable to recovery, nor does it help strength or hypertrophy.

lol it should have EMS included

Under Armour is great for making clothes to wear under motorcycle gear. I can also see it helping with support while training. However, giving it special powers, while a great marketing strategy, seems a bit off. I have tons of their clothing. I think the company’s ideas and marketing is pretty much about as good as you can get, but wearing a compression suit all day is only cool if you are on Star Trek.

I am actually concerned that wearing compression gear that is too tight for too long might actually hinder muscle growth by not allowing that muscle to expand as it normally would.

I have compression tights I wear running in the cold weather. I doubt there is any great benefit to them but they feel awesome to wear. Like spiderman. So it is almost like having super powers.

I noticed Frank Mir wearing that suit at the weigh in and before his fight with Brock. Wondered what it was. Didn’t seem to help him much.

Compression clothes are a privilege and not a right!

I hate seeing fat people wearing “spandex”…I guess it helps them get in “the zone” and possibly cuts down on chaffing?

personally tight fitting clothing material makes my skin crawl! i wish i could wear it but i can’t, so maybe I’m just hating:)

  • Adam