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Under Armour: CLICK-CLACK!


Pretty awesome commercials, guys.

Also, an awesome insight into Buisness Marketing.

1) Anyone know who the athletes in the commercials are?

2) What do you think of "UA's" products?

If you haven't seen the commercials, check 'em out on TV!

(Here's is a link to a short version):




The white guy with the long hair is AJ Hawk, now of the GB Packers. The ginormous black guy is Vernon Davis, now of the SF 49ers. I'm not sure who the little white guy is, I'm thinking maybe Jeremy Bloom, but I'm not 100% sure.

UA products are incredible if you can afford 'em. You'll never wear anything else to work out again.


first guy was eric ogbogu former d-end from maryland and later the jets.

2 was my man vernon davis

3 i believe was the linebacker aj hawk

you're always going to have some terps in there since under armor was started by kevin plank(a former terp)


Thanks, Spartan!

They really look like great products.

But when something becomes "popular" (especailly with all the "wanna-bees" weighing barely a buck 20 soaking wet!)wearing "UA"...you begin to worry about it going the way of "Hot Skins" and "Otomix".

Now I think that the "Under Armour" people approached it a little differently in that a) they made sure that their gear was FUNCTIONAL first b) marketed first to REAL athletes THEN made their stuff "cool".

I think that a lot of companies go for "cool" first; and that seems to be a mistake.

Any thoughts?



I THOUGHT that was Vernon Davis!

(Just wasn't sure...!)



Thanks, terp!

I didn't know that!

(Watch out for the TURTLE, baby!)

(P.S. That women's Basketball Team has the potential to be VERY scary for 2-3 more years).



The shoes look like shiny, colored, plastic designed to appeal to 13 year old girls.


I just checked Mufassa's link. Those aren't as girly as the ones on the television commercials that have been on all day today.


Jeremy Bloom is in the commerical.

I like Under Armour's clothing, but don't like the price. I can usually find shirts/shorts that are very similar in material to UA's for a much better price.


The t-shirts are actually part of Army issue now. Good in theory, but in reality, they are worn under a long sleeve shirt and often a kevlar vest. It kind of defeats the purpose of design. What they are good for is field laundry; just rinse them out and hang them dry.


Didn't they ban UA because it melts onto the skin or something?


I loved UA when it came out. But after wearing it for a few years I have moved away from it and back to a wifebeater to work out. I think its the effect of all the high school kids and little guys wearing that makes me choose to go back to the classic.

As far as the business aspect, the stock went public a little bit ago and has been doing very well. Especially well for a company selling products without a patent.


Not that I know of. If it makes any difference, the new digital uniform (All Climate Uniform, ACU) is made of synthetic material and is known to burn easily.


Almost everything that is issued to us going into country are a 50/50 mix so I dont get it(the ban). The issued skivy shirts are cotton/ply mix, the DCU/ACU are, among all the other clothing items. We can get UA gear in the PX's over here in Afghanistan pretty cheap, the UA shirts are going for 14.75 and there is a duke knock off going for 12.95.


Not to start a pissing match, but the Army in all its wisdom named the uniform the (A)rmy (C)ombat (U)niform


"...I think its the effect of all the high school kids and little guys wearing that makes me choose to go back to the classic..."


Yea...this is what I call the "Otomix/Hot Skins" effect. Every gym fat boy and scrawny wannabe headbanger begins to wear things a lot, and it goes from "cool" to about as cool as sporting a mullett, granny pac...and "Hot Skins".

This seems like pretty functional stuff (UA), that should be long-lasting...but I wanted to throw it out to you guys for discussion.

(By the way; there is now a whole line of UA Women's wear).



The under armour workout thong for women is awesome... You should check it out.


Yes it was. He is awesome! I wish he could have gone to a better team, though.


yes he is. seems to be quite a few haters out there on mr. hawk calling him a future bust ect. i think some try to lump him in with katzenmoyer(sp?), but i think he's a future all pro. leinart is going to shut a lot of people up as well.


I think the reason we find it ridiculous to see fat guys and boys in UA apparel is bc they use such awesome physical specimens in their ads. (Vernon Davis has some body on him.)

Then again, nobody snickered at kids in the playground wearing air jordans...