Under 35 on Test

Hi all I am 30 years old went to my dr 2 months ago with some problems low libido and general sluggishness did some blood work and he told me my test levels were on the low side probly a side effect of rapid weight loss with loss of muscle mass. I lost 100 lbs. in 9 months. Any way he prescribed me 200mg,s every 4 weeks with a front load of 200mg,s of depo test I allready feel better and my wife has no complaints but was wondering about alternative dosing like every other week or a different kind of test any and all information that you could give me would be of great appreciation. I am 30 years old 5’8" 158 lbs.

I suggest you do some reading in this forum as many questions will be answered.
Your doctor isn’t giving you anywhere near the minimum on your T shots. The insert for T-Cyp/Enth says 200-400 every two weeks, not 200 a month. You may feel good now, but in a couple of weeks you will feel worse, and your wife WILL complain then because you aren’t interested in her w/o T in your system.
The best dosing protocol is EOD, but at least twice a week for T shots; not once a month!
Read your package insert for your T and then call your doctor and tell him what you have found.

Good luck!

I do not have a package insert for my t because i go to hime and get my shots I do not have a script

You can find one of the inserts here DailyMed

From the Sandoz insert:

Testosterone Cypionate Injection, USP is for intramuscular use only.

It should not be given intravenously. Intramuscular injections should be given deep in the gluteal muscle.

The suggested dosage for Testosterone Cypionate Injection, USP varies depending on the age, sex and diagnosis of the individual patient. Dosage is adjusted according to the patient’s response and the appearance of adverse reactions.

Various dosage regimens have been used to induce pubertal changes in hypogonadal males; some experts have advocated lower dosages initially, gradually increasing the dose as puberty progresses, with or without a decrease to maintenance levels. Other experts emphasize that higher dosages are needed to induce pubertal changes and lower dosages can be used for maintenance after puberty. The chronological and skeletal ages must be taken into consideration, both in determining the initial dose and in adjusting the dose.

For replacement in the hypogonadal male, 50 â?? 400 mg should be administered every two to four weeks.

Parenteral drug products should be inspected visually for particulate matter and discoloration prior to administration, whenever solution and container permit. Warming and shaking the vial should redissolve any crystals that may have formed during storage at temperatures lower than recommended"

I was surprised to see the 50-400 mg every 2-4 weeks although my physician started me at a very low dose to see how my lipid profile would respond. I am now at 150 mg/week, along with 250 mg HCG three times per week.