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Under 200 lbs Progress/Update Thread


Let this thread serve as an update thread for all of us who are under 200 lbs. Post PR's, videos, what you're doin, or whatever else comes to mind.


"The powerlifter that needs to bloat... LiquidMercury"

So apparently the name of the thread was changed...intriguing.


Yes! A thread for all us lightweights. I only have a push/pull under my belt (so to speak): 275/535 @178. Right now trying some new things to hopefully get my dead up to 600 and squat over 500 (w/o wraps).


So it was. Guess it was too long of a title.

Anyways updates for me - strained bicep, out of the gym this week but next week starts my next wave.

ME Bench - Incline Bench - choosing a movement that I do the least amount of weight to take some strain off my bicep
ME Squat - Squat - bout time I go for a new PR here
DE Bench - Bench + Chains
DE Squat - Box Squat + Chains

Hoping for some big numbers in squat especially since I've really improved my technique and bar speed. I'd also like to be able to press 365+ for rev band bench. A lot of this depends on my bicep and I won't be pushing it for pressing movements if it's still not better and may drop them completely.


I'll race you to that 600. My first meet is April 2nd and probably won't be there by then but hoping to be by June.


Nice thread! Currently weigh 184 and have a best of 315x6/255/475. Have yet to try a PR on squat in a long while so that is something I will try this weekend. I am looking for as close to 370 as possible so I can get that 1100 total.

Liquid - What bands are you using for your reverse band DL? I would like to incorporate some more heavy lifts into my DL days as I need to change it up.


Avg from EFS. Fully deloaded at the top of the movement.


I like this.. I'm currently trying to get a little bigger (178->190) and bring my bench back to 275+ (tore both pecs 3-5 months ago). I'm currently on HPmass but using a continuous ramp past 3rm. once I get to 235 I add in reverse band bench. Monday I got up to 275 for 3.


Chaz, if you want, there are some of us competing April 2nd at the Georgia State meet through the SPF. Not sure how far you're out of Atlanta but it'd be pretty cool to get a bunch of T-Nation people together at that meet. Be our own "team"


Next Saturday Ill have a USAPL meet. Definitely not expecting much since Im still coming back from my injury but it will be a great motivation tool. Im at the very least expecting my lifts at 380/245/400 at 190lbs. The week after, I plan on getting back to Westside with a possibility of switching RE for DE for a month or so. I lost some muscle that I would like to get back. Great thread LiquidMerc!


Well I figured IF you're going to compare your strength it's good to see what other people in your strength range have done to break through plateaus that are around your weight instead of just eating out of a plateau. It got kind of irritating hearing everyone say 400/300/500 should be easy for anyone having lifted for a few years when if you're under 200 that's a pretty decent barrier to break past.


Great idea! I'm weighing in at 166lbs right now, with a 198 bench and 408 dead in competition. Bombed that meet (1st one, been lifting less than 1 year), but I have one next weekend, too. Hoping to total 1075 there to qualify for USAPL Collegiates. After that I'm planning on eating up a good 20lbs or so and I'll be going on Juggernaut.


Did my first meet about three weeks ago. 314.2/215/385.8 @ 165. Got the flu pretty bad, so I haven't been able to train since then. Just starting to eat normal again, hopefully I'll get back to the gym tomorrow.


355x10 Squat (sleeves)
355x1 Bench
455x1 Deadlift
@ 170lbs

I did my 2nd real meet this past summer wearing gear for the first time, however I'm currently forfeiting competeing for the next while and focusing on training for the upcoming football season and gaining some weight.


weighing in at 132 pounds
gym max squat 275 (253 competition)
gym bench max 165 (touch and go, 143 in USAPL meet)
competition deadlift max 368

Doing Coan/Philipi method to try and my pull over 400
Trying to maintain my bench and squat while I get my deadlift up
Once I'm done with Coan I'm gonna do Smolov Jr. to try and add some to my bench

Here's a link to me hitting 368 at the Northeastern Highschool/Collegiate Raw meet and losing my mind shortly after because it was a 33 pound PR


Here's my last max-effort squat/deadlift day. It came up pretty smooth, now just heal up from this bicep strain and get back at it.


Thats unfortunate, I liked the original title. So I am nowhere close to being under 200, but LM keep kickin ass, someday we will have that meet together where Fraternity men reign supreme.

Good luck on the strain healing.


Biceps strains are the worst. Completely sidelined any upper body work for over a month. Even un-racking the bar on bench was unbearable. Still gives me a bit of trouble to this day, but high rep biceps training seems to have helped strengthen the muscle.


Definitely gotta do a meet together and dominate. Team Frat Pack.


i'm under 200 but not by a whole lot but shooting for a 1700 raw total in april in the 198 class