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Under 200 Bodywt, Over 1200 Total?


My personal goal in the next 2 years is to hit a 1200lb total (raw). I'm currently at 235/370/405/1010 b/s/d/total weighing 182. I've been making slow progress for 3 years.

I am curious to know who here weighs less than 200 and has accomplished the 1200 total feat?

What are your stats? height? weight? age? bench/dead/squat? how long have you been training? what programs or types of programs have you used? diet? training with a partner? any other useful advice?

Thanks in advance.


i am at 200-205 pounds. I stand at hardly 6'2''. I am 18 years old. I have a 425 squat,270 bench and 475 sumo deadlift. Bench is touch and go. All are gym lifts, without belt,wraps or straps.Not quite 1200 though :P.

Hope I helped.


i am at 200-205 pounds. I stand at hardly 6'2''. I am 18 years old. I have a 425 squat,270 bench and 475 sumo deadlift. Bench is touch and go. All are gym lifts, without belt,wraps or straps.Not quite 1200 though :P. Been training for about 3 years.2 years bodybuilding and since last year I have been powerlifting oriented. Currently I eat anything, I just make sure i get 400 grams of carbo, 130-170 grams of protein, and about 4500-5000 calories per day.95% of the time I train alone, I just ask from someone to spot me on the bench.

Hope I helped.


I weigh 186 right now (and dropping weight for my first meet to hit the 181's). I am at 450/300/545 right now for a 1305 total though I have been seeing some good gains lately in my squat and my bench so hoping to be more around 1350 at the meet which is april 2nd.


LiquidMercury, what meet are you doing in April. Is it the SPF Georgia State meet in Peachtree City?


We are at pretty much exactly the same place lol hard to belive


I'm 20, 6'1, 183 i thinkg

training for 6 months pl and 2 years of whatever before that


Sure am. April 2nd. You gonna be there?


Do you guys have any programming advice? what type of programs have you been following? your own personal ones, or something like a 5x5 or 5/3/1?


I had seen pretty good gains with 5x5, but with 5/3/1 i am seeing better :slightly_smiling:


I ran 5/3/1 for about 10 cycles and definitely saw some strength gains from it but I'm back doing westside again (don't do this unless you know how to assess your weaknesses very very well and know how to determine when it's time to go for it and when it's time to back off).

I've done DC for a year before, Split training for a few years, 5x5 for a year or so. I've been training for about 10 years, correctly for 6 and smart for 4. I've only really recently placed an emphasis on powerlifting in the last year or so. Before that it was more about how I looked, and it is to some extent which is why I want to compete in the 181's (where I look best). I've been as heavy as 215 and my strength fluctuates with my weight to some extent.


great raw lifts for being so damn light.


I'm at 184 or so, raw lifts of 540/352/661 - 1553
I'm about 5'7, 5'8 if I stretch haha


My coach, Ron Garofalo, hit 1455 raw last year at USAPL Raw Nationals. He's a 181er and 49 years old. He's about 5'6" or so. He's historically done Westside or variations of it, I think.


Any insight into what type of training helped you most? which program you made the biggest strength gains on?


Currently 173 lbs 5'8" - 330/345/360. i'm 31 years old. been lifting on/off since about 18 years or so. Early on just did a of pyramiding up in weight and forced reps. More recently (nov.2010) been focusing on Jim Wendlers 5/3/1. Actually dropped that about 3 weeks ago - currently on 4th week of Russian Squat Routine. i made an effort to take in at least 500 more calories since last Nov. 5 x 5 looks like a good routine too.

i'd say focus hard on those three lifts ( bench, squat, deads ). i also like to incorporate some speed work after my bench's, squats and deads ( with 50% of 1-rep max ). for deads - during speed work - i also like to pull while standing on a 45 plate. as for cardio, i just do slow steady state cardio on a bike. pound the milk too! be sure to eat.


1 year of 'working out'
1 year of learning basic movements and WL programs
1+ year training for powerlifting

squat- 345 box squat in octerber, probably more now
bench- 265cgbp tested in december, so probably 285-295 touch and go
deadlift- 455lbs tested a couple weeks ago

That's 1130 IF my squat is 385 (usually my free squat is about 90% of my box squat), my bench end up being only 30lbs ligher from a competition pause, and I could still DL that after squatting and benching in a meet.

190-195 5'10"


Thanks! I'll attribute some of that to you as you've definitely helped with answering some of my questions whenever I've had them. I'm hoping to hit an elite total (1394) in the 181's by USAPL Raw standards by June, sooner if I can. I feel like my bench is getting ready to take off as it's always been my triceps that have hampered me, last week I managed to do 3x5 on lockouts with 375 which was a HUGE PR for me (about 50 lb PR) and I also floor pressed 295 the other week which I'd never done anywhere close to so hoping to bring that bench up and join the big boys in the 600 club on deadlift/500+ squat.

If anyone wants to critique my form, this was my last ME movement (585 rev band DL). Sorry for the hijack.


I'm 21, 5'11" and around 175 in the morning. I haven't competed but gym maxes are 365/275/405 for 1045. I've been training heavy for close to 2 years now with nothing much before that (didn't squat or dead in high school and max on bench was 185x5). The bench is touch and go, the squat is my most recent PR, and the DL has been stuck for about 5 months. I just figured out that it's my grip holding my dead back though so I'm trying to fix that now.

I really like 5x5 when I started, but most of my gains came from some shit I made up in my garage. I only liked ME work for one lift per week so I rotated the three. When I wasn't doing ME I did speed or max force work for the others (mostly max force work and when I felt tired I did speed stuff). So it was just a 3 day/week shuffle of the big three with random accessory work (whatever I felt like doing after the main lift). I also hated deloads so this worked out great for me. Now I'm turning CT's HPmass into a high freq PL routine. My squat is really responding well to this and I'm shooting for 405 by summer time.

What time of mobility work do most of y'all do?


Damn that's beast. I remember my last attempt at 415 which was a miss. First time I've ever really gone for a PR and missed. Anyways, that was thoroughly embarrassing.

Form looked pretty solid to me.


I did 5x5 for about a 1.5 years. I remember about the last 6-8 months being an infinite plateau. I was(still am) a pretty big novice to lifting so I didn't really have any other program to switch to. Finally T-Nation published the 5/3/1 Wendler program and I switched to that. I've been at 5/3/1 basically since the article was published.